What Sport Should I Do? 7 Tips To Choosing The Perfect One

What Sport Should I Do?

Indulging in playing sports is a great way to stay fit and healthy, not to mention have fun at the same time.  All types of sports refresh your body and mind, and finding the right sport for you can uncover a passion that will be with you for life. So if you’re wondering ‘what sport should I do?’ keep reading!

For some people, sports come easily. They’re naturally attracted to a specific sport, pursuing it with a passion. But this may not be the case for others.

If you feel like taking something up a new sport, but you’ve never done it before, you may not know where to begin. Whether it’s for fitness or socialising, there are a multitude of options and things to consider.

This article will guide you to choosing the ideal sport for you.

What Sport Should I Do?

#1 – Choose a sport you enjoy

Sports aren’t just meant for physical fitness, they should be fun too! The sport you choose should be one that brings you joy and makes you want to go to practice or training. You should look forward to playing the sport, bonding with your team or beating your opponent. Sports like volleyball, tennis, and squash are come of the most popular sports that are super fun and sociable.

#2 – Choose a sport that helps you relax and fits your schedule

Participating in sport doesn’t have to take up all of your time. You probably have a busy schedule already, so you need to look for something that fits in with your daily routine. Before committing, think about the time you can realistically spare to set aside to train and play.

#3 – Choose a Sport that Involves a Group

If you’re wondering ‘what sport should I do?’ then perhaps narrow down the selection by looking at team sports only. For example, if you think of yourself as a team player, then it would make sense to play a team sport. Being a part of a group and working together with others has benefits gives you an opportunity to participate in matches and work with others to reach a common goal.

Think about the camaraderie and group spirit displayed by elite sports teams such as the Australia national cricket team players. Additionally, you might meet some amazing people and make lasting friendships that will be with you for life.

#4 – Choose a Sport that Keeps You Fit and Healthy

Many people struggle to find the motivation to work out in a gym to stay fit and healthy. If that’s you, then look for a sport that will take up the slack. To maintain your health and achieve a healthy lifestyle, pick a sport that is both recreational and motivating.

Biking, road cycling, golf, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, are examples of sports that will burn calories and maintain your health. These activities will help you keep fit whilst being in the outdoors and without having to go to the gym.

#5 – Choose a Sport that Suits Your Temperament

Your personal preferences and temperament are obviously important to consider when selecting a sport, too. For example, introverts may prefer to play individual sports such as swimming, bowling, tennis, horse riding, and mountain climbing. Golf is another great sport for introverts, and you should check out these golf tips for beginners if you’re about to get started.

For extroverts and those with an active temperament, then active or fast sports like football, volleyball, basketball, fencing, or cricket may be ideal. In short, picking a sport that compliments your temperament and motivates you to play it enthusiastically will help you stick with it long term.

#6 – Consider Your Physical Attributes

There are a number of famous athletes who have defied the odds and conquered the limits of their own physical traits to achieve accolades in their sport. However, when you’re wondering what sport should I do, then choosing a sport that compliments your physical traits will certainly make things easier.

However, if there’s a sport that you’re always drawn to, and have always wanted to play – even if you don’t have the physical traits normally associated with it, listen to your heart and pursue your passion!

#7 – Try Several Sports Before Settling on One

With so many sports out there, if you’re uncertain of which one appeals to you the most, the only way to make the right choice is to try out several and then select one to pursue.

As with anything in life, you never really know if you like something until you try it. Whether you gather a few friends and hit a game of casual tennis, or hire a bike and go for a cycle, get out there and start experimenting with ideas.


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