How to Make Your Apartment Look More Chic

We’d all love to have an apartment that looks like it belongs on the pages of an interior decoration magazine, or our home-inspiration Pinterest boards. An apartment that’s stylish, elegant, and chic.

Light coloured walls, luxe fabrics, interesting designer finishes and artistic objects… We all know what’s commonly expected of an elegant living space. But knowing what looks chic, and actually creating it for ourselves without an unlimited budget and an interior decorator on speed dial are two different things.

While it’s easy to think you need to invest in the latest designer sofa or have all of your furnishings imported from Paris to be truly chic, that’s not the case.

We studied countless inspiration boards and decoration magazine reviews to discover that there are a few key things that are common to all chic, elevated homes. And the good news is, none of them require deep pockets or an interior design degree to achieve.

If you’d like to transform your apartment into a haven of style, start with the following three ideas, and see what a difference it’ll make!

Keep reading for 3 easy ways to add chicness to your apartment today.

how to make your apartment look more chic

#1 – Keep it clean

Before you even think about decorations and new colour schemes; clean! Chic apartments are never grubby, and a spotless look speaks of a swanky factor. De-clutter as much as possible, and aim for shiny clean surfaces in all areas.

Floors should be polished, and carpeted areas thoroughly vacuumed. Additionally, make sure floors completely free of loose objects – we’re going for an upmarket look where bric-a-brac and life’s messes aren’t welcome.

And if you’re in doubt about the relationship of cleanliness to chicness, cast your mind to the most famous hotels of the world. You’ll never see a grimy handle, or a dusty table in these luxury places. But no matter if your home is far from “grand” remember that you’re striking out for elegance and refinement when creating a chic look, so cleanliness is key no matter the size.

And if you need further convincing – there’s apartments can be neglected so much that no amount of cleaning will fix them, so make sure you’re aiming for a spic and span place as your first priority.

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