5 Tips To Planning An Unforgettable Wedding

how to have an unforgettable wedding
Everyone wants an unforgettable wedding day, no matter if you’re planning a large, extravagant event or a small, intimate one. But as with most things, the key to success is paying attention into the details.

It’s easy to get caught up obsessing over the bigger and more grandiose aspects of your wedding: the dress, the venue, and the photographer or transport. However, if you want to make a statement during your wedding, and create a day that is truly memorable, there are a few other elements that can have a big impact. 

Keep reading for 5 unforgettable wedding tips and ideas.

how to have an unforgettable wedding

#1 – Remember your special day

While your wedding might not even be close, it’s important to think about how you’re going to remember it. Since the invention of cameras people have hired photographers to take photos of every moment of their magical day so they can look back and experience it all over again – and even see moments they missed in all of the mayhem!

If you’d like to go the extra mile, you might also consider hiring a Wedding Cinematographer to film your wedding and turn it into it’s own piece of screen magic.

#2 – Choose the perfect invitations 

Personalising your wedding invitations will have a big impact on how excited your guests are to attend your big day. If your wedding has a theme, coordinating your invites accordingly will give your guests a sneak peek of what to expect.

You can create a big impact with your invitation alone because there are so many unique wedding invitation ideas to pick from. You could also pay a calligrapher to create beautiful invitations for you, which you could add a personal note to for something truly special.

#3 – Make an entrance

Making an entrance to your reception will transform the atmosphere of the entire evening. This isn’t to say you have to go for a gigantic ice fountain that blasts out prosecco (although, how wonderful does that sound?)

Try to think outside the box when it comes to your entrance and the surrounding entrance area. Decorate it with flowers or other objects that make you feel the most special.

Another thing to consider is how you and your new better half will enter your reception area. Will you come in to the tune of a memorable song – and if so, which one? There are so many ways to make a statement through your reception entry, so put your thinking caps on and start brainstorming! Partnering with a creative wedding celebrant can also help you craft a uniquely memorable entrance.

#4 – The first dance

It’s possible that preparing for your first dance as a married couple wasn’t front of mind. The good news is, your first dance can be anything you want it to be – it doesn’t have to be a typical foxtrot or a well choreographed dance for your wedding. Choosing something a little out of the ordinary will completely transform the ambience of the reception.

Choose music that you and your partner like dancing to. That could be a slow song, or even a fast song. Whichever option you choose, why not start off your first dance the way others would expect you to by dancing together traditionally, then abruptly breaking out into a pre-planned dance routine to surprise your guests?!

#5 – The Goodbyes

The way you choose to leave your wedding as a newlywed couple is really only limited by your imagination. People in the past have often decorated their cars with signs like “Just Married” to get people’s attention as they drive away.

Perhaps something that expresses your individual and collective personalities would be a better choice. You could look for ways to make the departure funny and quirky, such as by having the bride drag the groom away, rather than the groom whisking his bride away. 

Think outside the box and look for inspiration online or ask your closest friends for their thoughts on how to make a memorable exit from your wedding. Whatever idea you go for, make it as personal as possible and it is guaranteed to be memorable. 

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