Love Scents? How To Get Into The Perfume Industry

how to get into the perfume industry

If you’re always sniffing out the latest perfume sale and have an interest in the world of fragrance and scents, why not consider a career in the perfume industry?

From working at large perfume companies like Coty and Estee Lauder to starting your own company as an indie perfumer, there are many options. Here are six things you need to do to get started!

#1 – Understand the Basics of Perfume

Perfume is an important item in both men’s and women’s daily repertoires. From fancy evening gowns and business suits, to jeans and a t-shirt, perfume is a must for every outfit.

Getting accustomed to using something every day, it’s no wonder you might be interested in working with perfumes in some way, whether it’s making them or selling them.

Although there are many paths you can take into the industry, understanding the basics of what goes into a perfume and the process of creating them is essential knowledge to gather right at the outset.

how to get into the perfume industry

#2 – Start Teaching Yourself About Scents and Chemistry

Start learning about scents and chemistry by picking up a book from your local library or bookstore. There are also plenty of free resources on the internet that you can use for research, including Wikipedia.

For more in-depth information about scents and chemistry, consider enrolling in a program at your local community college or university. Some people find it helpful to take a perfume course before they try any other part of this industry, and taking classes will give you an idea of what’s involved. You may even be able to get credit for some courses by transferring credits from other programs at your school.

#3 – Learn How Fragrances Are Made

Fragrances are made in a variety of ways. Some more natural ones are based on essential oils while others are made in laboratories. You should have a think about the different ways in which fragrances are made and see what gets you the most interested.

how to get into the perfume industry

#4 – Know Your Favourite Types of Fragrances

If you’re looking at entering the perfume industry by way of starting up your own perfume business, you should already have a solid understanding of your favourite types of fragrances.

For example, do you like masculine or feminine scents? Do you prefer light and airy notes, or deep and sensual ones? The more information you have about what types of scents you enjoy, the easier it will be for you to know how to develop your ‘nose’ and senses so you can create and sell the right ones.

#5 – Work in a Fragrance Company

Like any other field, there is no better teacher than experience in perfuming. So, try to get your foot through the door by working at a fragrance company.

Perhaps you can get a job within a fragrance concession at a department store to give you the first exposure. Look for different opportunities and seize them so you can build your knowledge from the ground up.

#6 – Network with People in the Industry

Like any industry that you’re looking to make inroads into, should start by networking with people in the industry and find out what they do. Networking will help you get a better understanding of what type of work is involved.

Networking also gives you insider information about what companies are looking for and which ones have open positions. Find a company that will sponsor your training. If a company thinks that you are good enough, they may pay for your education or provide internships so you can gain experience. Whilst companies may not sponsor someone who doesn’t have much experience yet, it never hurts to ask.

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