Work: What Career Best Suits Your Personality Type?

which career type are you
When you’re looking for the career of your dreams, it would be foolish not to take into consideration your personality traits. Are you a leader? A free spirit? Or perhaps you’d make an amazing teacher?

Examining your thoughts and doing some soul-searching goes hand in hand with reworking your resume and getting the necessary work experience. Taking a double-sided approach to determining your personal strengths – along with your skills, will save you from future job disappointments and failures.

See which of these personalities align with your traits – with the careers to match

which career type are you

#1 – Leader

Here, the name says it all. A leader is a versatile, ambitious person who tends to be the centre of attention. In the workplace, leaders love to give long, motivational speeches about power and strength, and are most likely, very manipulative, though not always in a bad way.

It is usually the most experienced member of the group – a strong independent individual, who can think on their feet, with their decisions usually leading to the best result.

Career Choices: Corporate executive, senior law enforcement, management, military or politics.

#2 – Teacher

People with teaching traits doesn’t necessarily mean they want to become a teacher per se, but they often enjoy giving instructions to others and feel great when they sees others succeeding. Along with their nurturing side, teachers often think rationally about problems and come up with realistic solutions. This is their strong suit.

Career Choices: A perfect career choice which will make them achieve their full potential is of course teaching, but also psychology, life coaching or working as a social worker. If you want a career that can change people’s lives for the better (like teaching) but don’t enjoy teaching itself, why not take an Online Master of Nursing and become a nurse instead?

Becoming a practice nurse is a fulfilling and rewarding career path that requires a combination of education, practical experience, and personal qualities. Being a General Practice Nurse means you’ll need a strong sense of compassion, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work well with patients, families, and the wider healthcare team. Being a nurse also means you’ll continually learn about the latest medical advancements to help you provide the highest quality of care to patients.

#3 – Eccentric

An artistic type with a soul that can’t be controlled, and whose behaviour is sometimes hard to explain is what we may call an eccentric person. These people tend to have strong opinions about the world, while being very relaxed and laid-back at the same time.

Eccentrics are thought to be great listeners and givers of great advice, but they can also be too critical of themselves and their own behaviour.

Career Choices: Art is a popular choice for the eccentrically-minded, though you could also consider digital marketing, design or sales management, which are all great for channelling creativity.

#4 – Indecisive

Being indecisive isn’t always a bad thing. As strange as it may sound, indecisive people tend to be very reflective, curious, and treat others with respect. These people have many options on hand and are full of potential they are not aware of.

However, if you’re a young indecisive person, this could mean that you are not certain about your goals and exactly how you want to achieve them. A great way around this problem is work experience for students, which allows you to experiment with careers and test the waters before you commit too much time and energy on further studies or looking for a job.

Work experience lets you see if you’re a good fit for a particular career, and how your personality traits align with the skills necessary to be successful at the job.

Career Choices: Web development, music production or video editing will work for you, as will many freelance careers – depending on whether you lean more towards creativity or analytical thinking.

#4 – Free Spirit

Last but not least, people who are loathe to settle down, and are always looking for a new adventure, fall into this category. It can be said that free spirits are both adrenaline junkies and hedonists. Since they are always living life to the fullest, free spirits oughtn’t stop themselves from this passion, rather they should turn it into a career!

Career Choices: Some of the careers for free spirits include social media influencer, gastronomy and cooking, or performance arts.

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