Distance Learning With International Career Institute Australia

If you’d like to continue your education without putting your career on hold, you might like to consider some of the programs at International Career Institute (ICI) Australia, which offers online-only, or distance-based education.

Unlike traditional universities, ICI’s programs follow an education system that allows you to not only access all of their classes and materials online, without any in-person instruction, you can also work on your own timeline.

With ICI’s programs, there are no deadlines for completion of work or exams, and you can work through materials and create prof essays as your schedule allows. Similar programs at a traditional universities still typically require some on-campus time commitment, while courses must be completed within the time allotted. You can read more about ICI’s distance-learning education system here https://www.educaedu.com.au/tafe-university/international-career-institute-uni164.

While ICI’s programs may be the next logical progression of online education, they are unique in the market, and unique offerings can often face skepticism. For potential students who may be wondering how ICI’s programs work or have questions about the quality of different programs, ICI Australia recently launched an online forum to provide clarity and answers.

distance learning australia

The forum is open to anyone who has questions and these are answered by other forum members. There are several threads with topics including questions about different programs offered by ICI, distance learning in general (particularly useful in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic), and career advice. There are also graduate success stories in the forum so potential and current students can learn from the experience of past graduates and ask questions.

One of the threads on the forum poses a question about the legitimacy of ICI and what accreditations they hold. While it’s easy enough to check the ICI website for their list of accreditations, many responses included links to secondary sources for the original poster to read, including links to magazine articles and accrediting institutions. The answer to the accreditation question is that ICI is accredited and/or recognised by a number of institutions, including the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC) and the College of Teachers.

If you’re thinking about further education but still have questions, then the the forum on the ICI website is a good place to start. There are plenty of topics to read through, and if you still have questions, you can always start your own discussion!

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