Winter Style Spotlight: Canada Goose

canada goose
The transition from autumn to winter might sound simple enough, but the inevitable drop into freezing temperatures is serious business for all of us, especially if you plan to travel, or live in the Northern Hemisphere.

There’s no escaping the onset of cold weather, and so a warm and cozy jacket is critical if you want to survive the season. Thanks to brands such as Canada Goose, who are known for their world-class winter jackets, parkas, vests, hats and gloves, women, men and kids have been keeping snuggly warm throughout the winter months for over sixty years. Hailing from (you guessed it) Canada, Canada goose is one of the most trusted brands for purpose-driven winter clothing.

canada goose

Women and Canada Goose

While winter definitely calls for heavy-duty coverings and blanket size jackets, Canada Goose knows how to keep women warm while looking elegant and warm at the same time. The brand is known for lightweight clothing that’s flexible, warm, and appealing; their coats and jackets are designed to optimise warmth distribution around the body, making them comfortable even in the harshest winter climates.

The hoods, which are flexible and removable, are stylishly lined with sustainably-sourced American coyote fur. Endorsed by the United States Fur Commission, Coyote fur is thought to provide the best warmth and durability while ensuring comfort throughout the season.

With a feminine cut that works with dressy tights, knee-high boots, denim, and snow boots, the jackets and parkas can withstand snow while keeping you looking stylish.


Canada Goose has enjoyed years of luxury and popularity across a wide range of products, however it hasn’t happened by accident. With a force of creative designers behind the scenes, the company puts skill and craftsmanship into every item.

Founded in a small warehouse in 1957 by Sam Tick, Canada Goose has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings. An immigrant to Canada with a powerful, innovative spirit, Tick launched his brand – then known as ‘Metro sportswear limited company’ to sell a range of vests, raincoats, and snowmobile suits. However the dream for luxury jackets and parkas was never from his mind, and before too long the company developed and introduced a greater range of popular winter clothing.

Inspiration and transition

Winter is the fuel that keeps Canada Goose going. Over the years it has been inspired by the combination of different traditional and modern cultures, and often the brand will produces a speciality product with a specific aim. In the 1980’s for example, Canada Goose introduced excursion parkas for scientists in Antarctica’s Mc Murrdo station. The invention has been embraced since then and expanded into clothing for every day people, and it now offers exquisite design for both men and women.

The brand’s iconic big red, big mountain jacket and many other items are a proud innovation of the Canada goose company and part of their heritage.

Embracing every change and lifestyle, Canada Goose has different products to match the adventures, values, and culture of the outdoors ways of life. With a commitment to high quality, many women favour the brand for always providing warm, deluxe, and durable clothing.

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