Why A Leather Luxury Wallet is A Great Purchase

luxury leather mans wallets

When it comes to buying a men’s wallet, leather is a classic option and a makes for a great gift. But if you still need convincing as to why building up your stylish men’s wallet collection with leather is the way to go, keep reading!

In short, the simple answer is value. Leather will give you much better value for your money, especially when you’re buying a luxury option.  Your goal, after all, is to make the investment into a designer wallet worth your time and money. 

What Are The Advantages of A Leather Wallet?

Men’s wallets come in many sizes, from bifold, to money clips to phone covers that have card slots in them, and of these leather is still the highest selling across the board for men. If you’re on the fence about splurging on leather, here are the unique advantages it presents for the savvy buyer. 

They’re Long Lasting

Leather has been used for eons and it can last longer than many natural or synthetic materials. Real leather wallets can be handed down through generations, and this is rare in this cheap fabric age. All leather requires is space to breathe and the right temperatures, and it can last for quite a long time, sometimes even decades. This material will remain soft and supple in the face of heat, moisture, dirt, and cold. A wallet that is made of leather is also less likely. To see fungal issues or mites due to its natural water resistance. 

They Have High Functionality

A leather wallet does not have any clips or snaps that can be used. Instead, it has the usual slots for cash, cards, and possibly a clear window for your ID or driving permit and is usually held closed by your pockets. This means the leather is made to stretch with use, so your cards might be a tight fit at first, but over time the leather will mould to your body, and the cards you use, meaning it is the best choice for functionality. 

They’re Easy to Clean & Maintain

Full-grain leather needs cleaning and maintenance if you want to get over a decade of use out of it. As it’s a natural material, leather can be very versatile. This means it’s easy to repair if torn or scratched, and any dirt or grime can be removed with a gentle brush and some water or white vinegar. If you want to keep the leather looking new, all you need is some leather polish, or even some coconut oil, which has the added benefit of waterproofing the leather. 

The texture of Leather is Attractive

There is nothing quite like handling a brand-new leather wallet or bag. The smooth, buttery suppleness of a tanned leather wallet cannot be replicated by other materials. Your leather wallet’s texture gets better as it gets older, and it can slide in and out of your pocket a lot without losing much of its patina. It’s also a classic look, so it never goes out of style.

They’re Affordable

Even within the luxury market, leather can be affordable. How? You need to think of the cost per wear of the leather. If you use your leather wallet every day, buying one you won’t need to replace for a decade is a smart choice. This means you will get value out of using it for a long time and it’s worth the price. When you do the maths, it’s better than replacing a cheap wallet every single year. You may as well just spend more money once on something that will last for decades. 

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