Groom Wedding Attire: 4 Key Pieces & Accessories You Need

groom's wedding style
You may not be the type of guy who likes to dress up, but your most-awaited day should be an exception. While grooms are more low-maintenance than brides, and can easily make do with a good suit and a couple of other key pieces, you need to know which key pieces and accessories will make the biggest impression on your wedding day.

Brides and their dresses may be what most guests look forward to seeing in a wedding, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hope to find a well-dressed and good-looking groom. Men can take this opportunity to show their personal style, while also making sure you that every inch is worthy of a stunning bride.

Groom Attire 101 

Before you start fitting suits, tuxedos, or any type of clothing you plan to wear for the main event, you need to consider if you’re having a formal, semi-formal, or laid-back style of wedding. You also need to decide if you’ll be renting or buying the outfit.

These are not decisions to make right at the last minute. You should know what you are doing at least a few months before tying the knot, so you’ll have enough time to get the right items ordered. Once you’ve sorted your clothing, there are more things you need to decide on such as: 



The groom boutonniere is one of the focal points of your wedding attire, that’s why it should be on your top priority checklist as the big day approaches. Although it’s not a required accessory, the boutonniere adds an extra touch of class and character to your suit. In addition, the tradition of wearing a little something from your bride’s bouquet is worth carrying on. The gesture symbolises your declaration of love and adoration for your wife-to-be. 

Also called a buttonhole, the accessory is typically made with fresh floral varieties that you can handpick personally. Consider going for smaller flowers mixed with tiny vines and leaves to make your nuptial look sleeker and more modern. 


If you’re wearing a suit, it should be styled with a complementary tie. If you’re trying to achieve a modern groom look, you could look into ivory, cream, and blue colour options. Silk is probably still the most preferred tie material, especially if you’re after elegance and finesse. However, the choice depends on your event’s theme and dominating colours. 

If you’re craving for a touch of character and flair, the tie is the perfect accessory to show off your style. You can pick a playful pattern and colour, as long as it doesn’t clash with the wedding motif. 


When choosing the right pair of shoes for your wedding, again, consider the type of event you’re having. Most weddings are formal, which call for a pair of leather (or quality vegan) shoes. If you’re planning for a casual occasion, dressy loafers can also work. For a more laid-back day, say, a tropical or destination wedding, boat shoes or even flip-flops can fit the bill. Check out wedding shoes for men for sale and choose the perfect pair for you.

Suppose you’re going for a formal style and you’re wondering what kind or style of black shoes to buy. To start, the basic features to look for are lace-up design and leather-like material. Black is the go-to colour for suits in dark tones, except for midnight blue. If your suit is navy blue, you might want to consider going for a pair of dark or medium brown shoes.  


A set of cufflinks is yet again another small accessory that will elevate your wedding attire in more ways than one. For a dapper and sleek wedding look, a pair of cufflinks should be on your shopping list. Depending on the style of suit you’re wearing, you can opt to wear decorative cuffs made from silver or gold. Or, for a custom look, you can have the links personalised, maybe with your and your partner’s initials.

Pro tip: Make sure your inner shirt comes with French cuffs without buttons so you can fasten them using your glossy cufflinks. 

Dapper Ever After 

It’s not every day that you get married, so it’s only natural to want to make the day look as perfect as it can be. As the groom, you have several decisions to make and different factors to consider when putting together a stylish wedding outfit. Don’t forget to include these four key pieces and accessories to ensure that you’ll look better than ever.  

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