Men’s Hair Grooming: 3 Essential Expert Hair Care Tips

Men's Hair Grooming
Men’s hair grooming: While making time to visit the hairdresser or barber shop was often viewed as an inconvenience pre-COVID, with lockdowns in many Australian states, people discovered the even greater inconvenience of having to maintain their men’s hair grooming routines themselves at home…

With plenty of stories abounding of women dabbling with at-home bleach kits to guy’s attempting to cut their own hair, it wasn’t too long before a slew of DIY disasters came through for everyone to laugh at. But help is at hand.

So, for guys who are into their appearance and want to take back control of their personal grooming no matter what, here are a few barber tips and tricks can we learn to help him them between visits.

Men’s Hair Grooming Routine

The most important tip to self-maintenance of hair, is this: keep it clean but don’t over-wash it – aim to wash your hair every 2-3 days. Washing hair every day strips the hair of its natural oil and these oils are what keeps the scalp healthy and the hair moisturised and shiny.

But what about sweat? After all, daily workouts equal a sweaty head. The fact is, that sweat is made up of water and ammonia and therefore can be rinsed away successfully under the shower without needing shampoo.

If your head is overly oily or smelly because your natural oils build up quickly and everyday shampoo feels like the only option, then choose a gentle sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphate-free shampoos are designed not to lather as much, and these will help maintain more of the head’s natural oils. 

While many barbers advise to avoid daily shampooing, they do encourage daily conditioning, particularly if your hair is longer than three inches. Conditioning after every shampoo is a golden rule of any men’s hair grooming routine. 

MEN'S HAIR grooming tips

Men’s hair grooming = using the right products

Less is more, and too much product can create build-up that leads to unhealthy hair. As above, choose water-soluble products. Water-soluble products wash out easily with water and limit the need to over-shampoo the hair. 

It’s also important to know the difference between products. Pomades have more hold and more shine. They have a wet look, which is great for a swept-back look and slick sides. 

Pastes give hold with a more natural look. They’ll smooth and refine texture while leaving hair with a natural finish and semi-gloss. and lastly, clay.

Clay is matte and gives a dry natural look with no shine. If you’re going after an exotic cut like a mohawk haircut, then you’ll need to use styling wax or hair wax that will keep your mohawk in shape. 

With any product, barbers advise that starting with a pea-size amount is plenty. Completely coat your hands and fingers with the pea-size amount – you’ll get a better and more even result if the product is spread thoroughly before applying it to your hair. And when applying the product, work it from the back of the hair to the front.

Tip: a sure sign you’ve used too much product is that you won’t be able to run your fingers through your hair. If you’ve gone too far, you’ll need to rinse it out and start again. 

Regular Maintenance – keep those sideburns maintained

A visit to the barber at least once a month is a necessity to ensure the health of the hair and scalp is at its best. But what are the options for proper men’s hair grooming when a trip to the barber is not a possibility? One barber’s tip is to keep the rest of your head tidy. In other words, get across your overall grooming and maintenance. If all the facial and neck hair is kept in check, the hair looks tidier.

Grooming neck hair, trimming the eyebrows and taking care of ear hair keeps everything looking fresh, even if it has been a long time between barber visits. Lastly, whilst DIY at-home haircuts are not recommended, if you do want to trim and maintain your hairstyle at home grab yourself a pair of beginner hair scissors – Read More Here!

However, if you want to learn a new skill and are interested to learn more about cutting other people’s hair and all the aspects of men’s hair grooming then consider getting yourself a Certificate III in Barbering SHB30516 where you’ll learn all you need to know to take care of hair.

If you’re more entrepreneurial but are passionate about the right cut and great grooming, then why not learn specific skills to the salon business with a qualification in Salon Management. Learn more about the Certificate III in Barbering and Certificate III in Hairdressing at Demi International now.

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