5 Scalp Exfoliators That’ll Transform Your Hair

If you’ve always thought you were obsessed with your hair, then the statistics will prove it. During her lifetime, the average woman spends over $50,000 on her hair: washing it, conditioning it, and getting it styled.

(Though male spending has been studied less, the situation doesn’t seem to be much different. Men in the U.S. spend over $1 billion every year just fighting baldness alone!)

There are tons of hair products and treatments to choose from in our quest for getting the hair of our dreams. However, there’s one very overlooked aspect of hair care that can completely change the quality of your locks, and that’s scalp care.

“Good hair doesn’t happen without a happy scalp,” says Dr. Linda White, one of the medical experts of dryscalpgone.com. “The best way to revive dull-looking hair and see long-lasting results is to go beyond the roots to the source itself – the scalp.”

Dr. White recommends a regime of proper scalp exfoliation, and everyone from the medical community through hairstylists seems to agree. Industry leader Kevin Murphy recently put together a panel on exfoliation, noting how under-utilised this treatment is despite its benefits.

For the uninitiated, scalp exfoliation encourages hair to grow sexy, shiny, and healthy by encouraging blood circulation and hair growth, as well as removing dead skins and toxins.

It also lets your hair properly absorb the minerals and nutrients it needs to thrive. These two processes work together to promote good hair. So which products should you turn to?

We’ve put together a handful of scalp exfoliators for you to pick from, that’ll transform your hair ASAP.

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The key here is in the ingredients. Fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are safe, naturally derived exfoliants that work to remove dead skin cells. These are chemical exfoliators, not physical like a scrub. Chemicals like AHAs are considered to be more effective than physical exfoliators alone, while also gentler on your skin.

This formulation also contains antiseptics, which act to dissolve the dirt and oil residues that have built up on your scalp. Together, this makes for a powerful cleansing duo.

This shampoo is balanced out using essential oils to soothe the scalp, as well as vitamins and minerals to help nourish it. This makes the cleanse gentle enough to get your scalp squeaky clean without causing irritation.

 scalp exfoliators glycolix


If you have an existing regimen of facials or even use a facial cleanser with a chemical exfoliant built in, you might have some clues about which scalp product to pick. Scalp is skin, after all, so odds are that what works on your face will also work on your head. If glycolic acid is more of your speed for exfoliation, this might be the product for you.

If not, consider trying this product if AHAs have proved unsuccessful for you, or if your hair has been chemically treated. Its pH-balanced formula is safe for damaged hair! This particular shampoo even works as a cleanser for the face and body as well.

 scalp exfoliators Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub


Many people recommend using apple cider vinegar (ACV) to clean hair. Some may even recommend DIY recipes to do this in your own kitchen and save money. Using a tested formulation such as this one is preferable, since it’s balanced to not be too harsh on your hair.

The ACV loosens and removes the oil and dirt that’s built up in your scalp’s pores. The salt adds a layer of physical exfoliation. The combination makes for a powerful product that is particularly helpful if you tend to have a very itchy scalp. By reducing build-up and irritation, your hair can grow thicker and stronger.

 scalp exfoliators lush big shampoo

This cult favourite serves up a double whammy of exfoliation and nourishment. Again, soothing and feeding your hair makes sure it doesn’t retaliate after exfoliation. Without some calming treatment, your scalp might release even more sebum—the oil that gets your hair greasy and clogs your pores.

This treatment has sea salt in it, which scrubs your scalp but easily washes out. Hair and skin are nourished by the nutrient-rich blend of seaweed extract and moisturising coconut oil. The finishing touch is mandarin oil that helps brighten up the hair and leave it shiny. Your hair will be transformed!

 scalp exfoliators oribe serene


If you suffer from an itchy super-irritated scalp, or have dandruff, then this shampoo which uses salicylic acid to exfoliate the scalp and also reduce inflammation, is the answer. Salicylic acid can help resolve the flaking, itching, and discomfort that often comes with an unhealthy scalp.

Several plant extracts are blended together to soothe and nourish the scalp. Caffeine promotes blood flow, so that scalp health can be maintained and hair can grow quick and healthy.

An added bonus with this exfoliator is that it provides protection from UV damage. Though often overlooked, this is critical for helping promote scalp and hair health. You don’t forget sunscreen on the rest of your body; don’t forget it on your scalp, either.

For both men and women, the condition of our hair translates directly into our appearance and confidence. For women who desire a thick head of sexy, shiny hair, or for the guys that want flawless skin atop a bald scalp, it’s essential to take care of the skin on top of your head! And like the skin on our face, it all starts with proper exfoliation. Use one of these products to slough off that dull skin, and take care of your scalp.

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