How To Warm Up Your Home With Colour This Winter

how to warm up your home this winter
As the chilly temps kick in outside, it’s time to make our home a sanctuary of coziness and comfort – somewhere we can retreat to warm up our bodies and our souls! Here are a few ways to infuse warmth into your home this winter.

It’s a fact that vibrant colours are a mood-booster and they’ll instantly warm up your home too. Warm colours are shades of red, orange and yellow, which evoke feelings of the sun and fire. These earthy tones are having a big moment in interior design and, as a bonus, they deliver plenty of warmth into any space.

Yet, warmth is so much more than just colour. With the right techniques, we can create a feeling that’s not only warm to the touch, it’s a warm emotional state which can be felt through the eyes and the heart.

Intrigued? Keep reading for tips to warm up your home this winter.

how to warm up your home this winter

#1 – Introduce hints of timber

Luxurious timber floorboards evoke warm, rich tones that will stay in style for years to come. Wooden floors are the perfect backdrop whether your home is filled with children and pets, or friends lingering over drinks and dinners which extend well into the night.

Incorporate wooden floorboards into your living, dining and kitchen areas to create modern cabin vibes or contemporary farmhouse chic. For a timeless, classic design that you can’t pass up, opt for wooden floors from Carpet Court, like Herringbone or Chevron that deliver sophistication with wow factor.

#2 – Rug It Up

A soft carpet or a luxurious rug will make chilly mornings much more pleasant. Having installed a couple, you may even surprise yourself and walk around your home barefoot all winter long!

Take the warmth to the next level by choosing rugs in the season’s most popular warm tones, such as turmeric, mustard yellow or creamy white. There’s plenty of beautiful warm-toned rugs at Carpet Court, such as Parade Aztek that will suit a variety of interior styles.

#3 – Set The Mood With Lighting

While you can’t beat a fireplace on those frosty winter nights, not all homes have the space or budget to accommodate such a luxe feature. Luckily, small adjustments in your lighting can make a big difference.

Swap any cool white light globes for warm white to create a sense of warmth and comfort. Also, decorate with a variety of light sources, from table lamps to floor lamps and candlelight.

Clever lighting will create a homey, welcoming vibe that’s perfect for curling up with a good book or next to your loved ones.

how to warm up your home this winter 2

#4 – Add Window Warmth

Nothing beats drawing the curtains and snuggling in for a movie marathon on a dreary, rainy day. Blinds and shutters create a visually cozy vibe as well as helping to retain the warmth inside your home in the winter.

You’ll find the right one for your style with blinds now available in a wide range of textures and colours. To boost the warmth factor, consider choosing a contemporary roller blind in an off-white or taupe rather than a cool white or grey.

#5 – Splash Colour On The Walls

Looking for a productive way to keep the winter blues at bay? Why not embark on a fun DIY project and painting your walls this season? For maximum warmth, stick to a colour palette of deep reds or warm earthy tones. Style with natural leather sofas and wood accents for the ultimate in coziness.

To make your home look modern and harmonious, always make sure your walls match the flooring of the room. When the walls are in a warm colour, interior designers will match the carpet or rugs accordingly.

Even if you’ve got a neutral colour palette, you can still choose carpets in white, brown, or grey with warm undertones. The Essentialist or Hawkesview collections from Carpet Court are some stunning warm-toned examples.

* This article is a sponsored partnership with Carpet Court.

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