Most Common Reasons Your Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

why your website is not getting traffic

A high-quality website is crucial for setting yourself up for digital success, but it’s not the only task on your to-do list. If you’re not seeing results, it can be frustrating! Keep reading to learn more.

Being the owner of an online business can be exciting, but it’s certainly challenging too. There’s more to achieving a thriving business than products and a brand name alone.

You might have aligned yourself with a top web designer, spending your hard-earned money on an exquisite website to advertise your products and services, but you’re not getting any visits. Sound familiar?

If your online business is stuck in the slow lane, keep reading to learn how you can fix it.

why website isn't getting traffic

#1 – You Haven’t Prioritised Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You might have the most superior website the world has ever seen, but that doesn’t mean people will flock to your website. If you haven’t incorporated SEO as part of your website project, they might not be seeing your website in search results. 

Most reputable web designers can assist with SEO, so you might not need to lift a finger. However, if you’re hoping to make some changes yourself, you can do a few things to begin seeing results. 

Start by installing an SEO plugin to guide you through the changes you need to make. You might also like to sign up for Google Analytics to track your traffic and put time and effort into optimising your content with strategic keywords and backlinks. 

#2 – You Haven’t Used Keywords

People enter specific keywords when they look for products and services like the ones you offer. If you don’t perform keyword research and integrate those words and terms into your website content, you might struggle to attract the right audience. Use keyword research software or tools online, or speak to your local web developer to learn what people are searching for.

You might also see the value in targeting long-tail keywords to drive the right audiences to your website. For example, rather than attracting people looking for a ‘web designer’, you might instead use search phrases like ‘web design Brisbane’ to obtain customers looking to connect with Brisbane-based web designers. 

#3 – You Don’t Produce High-Quality Content

Many business owners used to produce keyword-stuffed content to improve their search engine rankings. This manipulation technique is known as blackhat SEO, which might increase your chances of receiving a Google penalty that limits your ability to improve your digital presence. 

High-quality content is one of the most effective ways to become more visible in the online space. Rather than producing keyword-stuffed, link-spammed, low-quality content, create something of value for your reader that solves their problems. 

Most web designers can assist with content creation, but you can also produce excellent content yourself by writing short and fluff-free paragraphs, backing up claims with proof and sources, and using bold and italic fonts for emphasis and a point of difference. 

#4 – Your Website Isn’t User-Friendly

If you’re yet to revamp your website, you might not receive as much site traffic as expected due to its unfriendly user design (UX). Many things can contribute to a superior customer experience, such as fast load times, mobile friendliness, stable design elements, and easy navigation. 

If your website is frustrating to use, slow to load, and unstable on mobile devices, you might find that potential customers are more likely to do their online shopping with your competition. Focus on UX, and it might not be long until customers return. 

#5 – You’re Not Promoting Your Website

Advertising and promotions cost money, which might be why you haven’t promoted your business and website as much as you could. However, promotion is vital to ensure people know you exist online. 

There are many free and inexpensive promotion options to consider, such as email marketing, guest blogging, social media, and online directories. If you have legitimately obtained customer email addresses, add them to a database and send newsletters with links to your website. 

You can also share your website on your social media accounts and create affordable ads to target your preferred audience. Many business owners even see the value in guest blogging, which involves writing blog posts for other websites with links to your own, and online directories to which you add your website link. 

Takeaway Message

As challenging as it can be to get your online business out in the public eye, it’s not impossible. With a smart web design, search engine optimisation, and user-friendly features, it might only be a matter of time until you notice a change in the number of customers visiting your site. 

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