Vida Glow Review: Can You Drink Your Way To Beauty?


So you’ve fine-tuned a pretty comprehensive skincare routine, you drink plenty of water, sleep as much as possible, eat clean, and perhaps you’ve even contemplated a cosmetic-injectable or two. But for all of this effort – your skin, hair and nails STILL leave you wanting! In other words, you wouldn’t exactly say NO to a little extra dewy plumpness on the face, or less brittle nails… And some extra shiny, fast-growing hair wouldn’t go astray either.

It’s no secret, but the answer to your woes may lie within your diet. Getting beautiful skin (and hair!)  is not just about what you put on, but also about what goes in to your body.

You may just need a beauty boost.

But what you ask? Well, most specifically, you may benefit from an ‘injestible’ beauty supplement. Companies such as Vida Glow claim they can help you glow from the inside out when you add the recommended dosages of their beauty supplements into your daily diet.

Excited by the idea of supplementing my way to peak-beauty, I tested Vida Glow marine collagen supplements for myself.

Read on to discover how Vida Glow works – and my verdict!


What is Vida Glow?

Vida Glow is a marine collagen supplement in powder form that is designed to replenish our collagen levels quickly and easily.

The product is extracted from the scales of ethically-sourced Deep Sea Red Snapper, and it’s available in several highly-pleasant, non-fishy flavours such as Blueberry, Mango, Pineapple and Original flavourless. Vida Glow can be taken 1-3 times per day in drinks and sprinkled into meals.

What is Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen is not just the secret beauty weapon of Japanese women who have relied on the ingredient for their youthful radiance and extended life expectancy for many years, it’s becoming an important ingredient for Western beauty-seekers too.

Marine collagen improves everything from our skin, hair and nails, through to healthy muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and connective tissues. Marine collagen helps to stimulate your body’s natural supply of collagen, thereby increasing elasticity, hydration and firmness (ie youthfulness) throughout.


How Does It Work?

Because collagen is the most abundant protein (and the second largest substance besides water in the human body) ingesting collagen is by far and away the best way to reap its rewards. Unfortunately, the body only produces collagen until our twenties, and it’s after this point that we begin to see the effects of ageing 🙁 Vida Glow works to reverse the depletion of collagen in your body via it’s high-grade premium formulations.


Vida Glow has made it super-easy to bring the collagen back into your body. With several flavours available (such as Mango, Blueberry, Pineapple and Peach) you can simply add a Vida Glow sachet into any meal or drink. Heat stable, the powders mix perfectly into porridge, smoothies, coffee, tea, salads or mixed into water. They are free from wheat, gluten, allergens, soy, lactose, dairy, sugar, carbs and fat.

You can take 1 – 3 sachets a day, depending on the results you are after.


My Experience:

I incorporated the Blueberry and Original flavour sachets into my diet for one month. I mixed the original flavourless sachet into my morning porridge, and I drank the blueberry sachet with water in the afternoon. As I had always struggled to stick to the routine of drinking other supplements in the past, I found the ability to mix the Vida Glow sachets into literally ANYTHING (hot food and drinks included) to be a huge benefit. I stuck to the routine very easily, and hardly missed a dosage.

Never one for ‘flavoured’ options, I was very pleasantly surprised by the light fruity flavour of the Blueberry product. Derived from natural ingredients, it has a subtle hint of flavour and is no way synthetic or artificial-tasting.


My skin: I noticed that my face looked very dewy and hydrated, plumped and elasticised within only a couple of days of taking 2 sachets per day. It was definitely a “whoa” realisation – I was impressed.

Whilst I’m guilty of placing more emphasis on my face, the skin on my whole body is more hydrated as well. My hair (newly blonded) is much softer than I was expecting it to be after 4 hours in the salon chair, and I can only put some of that down to the impact of the Vida Glow.

I definitely feel that the 2-sachet dose has had a noticeable impact on my overall “glow”, and I would be very keen to try the product again at a dosage of 3 sachets if I needed a bigger boost (say in the lead up to a special occasion.)

Of course it’s not something we can easily measure, but I feel that the improvement to ALL of the skin on our body (not to mention our insides, hair and nails) is one of the greatest benefits of Vida Glow. Whilst we can obsess about our faces, we mustn’t forget the rest!

Vida Glow can be bought from and you can follow them on instagram @vida_glow (All images from Vida Glow’s stunning instagram!)

Whilst this product was supplied for editorial consideration, all opinions are my own.


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