How To Convert Your Wardrobe To Cash Quickly And Easily


I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe is FULL! As much as I endeavour to buy as thoughtfully and long-term as possible, I simply have not been able to trim it down to a reasonable (read: manageable) size. Whether it’s a side-effect from constantly trawling trends for BWA or just simply being a fashion-obsessed female who can’t say no to a warehouse sale or three, the fact remains that I have way more clothes, shoes, and accessories than I really know what to do with.

If, like me, you are bamboozled every time you try to get dressed, or you cry inside when you try to calculate how much money you have sitting on hangers, OR WORSE – if you’ve started appropriating other parts of the home for wardrobe storage, then read on.

Wardrobe goals! Credit: @missgunner

Wardrobe goals! Credit: @miss_gunner

Option #1, is to stop buying new things altogether, which I think we both know is not ever going happen.

Option #2, is to start gradually off-loading your unwanted (but still good) items to a new home, for CASH. (I’m looking at you, those once-worn formal dresses and shoes, the clutch that only goes with one outfit, clothes in the wrong sizes etc.)

Option #3, get a bigger house!

So, #Option 2 it is.

Until recently, while selling your unwanted wardrobe has sounded like a great idea at the time, it hasn’t come without its hassles – or its costs. Online selling platforms such as eBay are not only quite complicated and sometimes annoying to use, they also take a 10% sellers fee in addition to listing fees for each item you sell. On the other hand, Gumtree – whilst being free to use, can be so random at times that selling your goods (particularly fashion) becomes a rather unlikely proposition.


If all you’d really like to do is convert your wardrobe to cash – from your phone, in the simplest and most intuitive way possible – and in a way that’s a little bit fun as well – then please be introduced to Shedd.

The Shedd app is a mobile-only marketplace for women’s fashion and accessories. It has been designed to make selling unwanted items as easy and fun as possible. Hashtag-driven, Shedd could almost be described as the instagram of selling your wardrobe.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up, buying and selling on Shedd takes only a few seconds. There are none of the  countless boxes to fill in and numerous sections to click through for each and every item.


As a buyer, you can explore things to buy via hashtags, “heart” your favourite items for later, and message the seller with any questions, or to purchase.  Should you want to buy locally, the app automatically suggests the closest items to you, though of course you can work out delivery to anywhere via messaging with the other side.

If you’re selling, you simply snap a picture from your camera, add applicable tags (such as  #size9, #gucci), set your price and you’re done.


Best of all, Shedd is completely free to use.

According to Shedd: “At Shedd we believe everyone loves shopping irresponsibly and we support the right to do that, without guilt, offering the perfect marketplace to keep fashion alive… Shedd is for everyone: regular people, stylish fashionistas, emerging designers, and small businesses looking for a free window to give new life to their new and pre-loved fashion items.”

And that sounds pretty fantastic to me.

So – if you are always putting the task of selling your unwanted clothing and accessories in the too-hard basket, I recommend downloading the Shedd app to get started selling them today. Think of the satisfaction you’ll get from not only making space and giving your items the new lease of life they deserve, but from converting all that clutter into cash!

You can download SHEDD from Google Play and The App Store.

For more information, you can also visit the SHEDD website.


This story was brought to you in collaboration with Shedd, however all opinions are my own

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