The Best Pants You’ll Ever Buy, According to Victoria Beckham


How to wear slouch pants, according to Victoria Beckham.

If ‘comfort’ is a word you’ve only ever dreamed of when it comes to fashion, then this next trend – according to Victoria Beckham, is one you’ll be thrilled to adopt. Whilst slouch pants have previously been reserved for “lazy days” or avid members of the pyjama club, these latest wardrobe essentials have just transitioned from the back of your wardrobe to backstage at fashion week in what seems like an instant.

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When you see Victoria Beckham rocking the humble slouch pant, the versatility of the style itself becomes clear. Just like VB, you can adorn a slouch pant at any time of the day – from fashion week to a day in the office. Slouch pants are on the verge of a veritable fashion breakthrough.

Oozing elegance and laid-back comfort, here’s 4 ways you too can wear the season’s latest staple – the slouch pant.


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