The Weird + Wonderful: 6 Bizarre Ingredients Found In Your Beauty Products

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Call us crazy, but we have all done some weird and wacky things in the name of beauty. From slathering various concoctions of serums and peels all over our faces, soaking our hair with raw egg yolks, attempting to banish puffy eyes with cold tea bags and lasering off unwanted fuzz – when it comes to the pursuit of more youthful and radiant skin and hair, you could say that we are quite an experimental bunch!

But these beauty rituals and products don’t even come close to topping the list of the most crazy and odd things out there.  If the thought of putting an exfoliating acid on your skin had you squirming in your seat, you might want to dig around the ingredient list of your most loved products a little bit more. From Dragon’s Blood to Snail Slime (yes, snail slime!) it turns out some of the most effective ingredients are often the most surprising.

We’ve rounded up some of the strangest and craziest ingredients in your cosmetic and skincare products – click through to see them all!


Snail Slime

Using snail slime or snail mucin extract in skincare is nothing new (even if it is news to us!) with it being used by ancient Greeks and more recently being incredibly popular in Asian skincare products. Snail Mucin is derived from from what snails produce to heal cuts on their soft bodies from rocks and other rough surfaces. It has been touted to be the miracle face fixer and beauty products it is used to fade acne scars, smooth skin texture, replenish moisture, clear the complexion and brighten and revitalise the skin.

Can be found in… Napoleon Perdis BBB Cream SPF 30 $55.00, Dr Jart+ Time Returning Serum $54.00

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