Ten Of The Best Nail Trends To Try

nail trends 2020
With lockdown restrictions easing all around the world, it won’t be too long before one of life’s little pleasures will start to become a reality once again – professional manicures!

If you’ve been struggling with basic DIY manicures for the past three months, now is your chance to step back into the nail salon and have them done professionally (yay!).

We enlisted the services of US Essays Writers, who have done all the research to come up with the definitive list of the best nail looks to try. Keep reading for inspiration on the best nails to achieve now that you can step back into the salon.

classic nail trends

#1 – Short Natural Nails

Short, classic nails never go out of style, and from magazines to runways, short nails are makingtheir popularity known. Short nails are ideal if you have to use your hands for work, play sport, or just prefer a minimal look.

#2 – Long Oval Nails

This nail style introduces instant drama, so get these applied if you want to feel a bit more dangerous. Popular on instagram and beyond, long oval nails are classically edgy at the same time.

#3 – Naturally Round Nails

A less likely nail style that’s made a resurgence are rounded nails. Models sported rounded nails at Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana. Stick to this style if you have naturally long fingers and longer nail beds.

stiletto nail trends 2020

#4 – Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are perfect when a little drama is called for. Their incredible length and extra sharp shape bring out the vamp in all of us. Possibly the least practical nail shape of all, save the stiletto nail for special occasions.

#5 – Classic French Mani

Popular in the 80s and 90s, classic French manicures are making a comeback in 2020.  Enhancing the natural beauty of the nail, french manis go with everything and are very easy to maintain. Just don’t get a French pedicure!

#6 – Accent Nail

Accent nails have been popular for a few seasons now, and they’re the best way to experiment with a daring colour without fully committing to the whole hand. Accent nails are a great way to wear the season’s hottest nail colour.

#7 – 3D Appliqués

It’s hard to believe that 3D nail appliqués are a thing, but this style of nail art is proving increasingly popular for 2020 and beyond. Typically sparkly and feminine, 3D appliqués are a fun way to elevate your nails throughout the seasons.

#8 – Hanging Appliqués

Just when you thought nail trends couldn’t get any more wacky, hanging appliqués are trending. At Julien Macdonald, chains hung off the tips of stiletto nails, while at Givenchy, fingernails were embellished with rings and crystal-studded chains.

#9 – Clear Press-Ons

For a futuristic look, clear press ons are another choice for nails. At Chromat, transparent blue and yellow designs walked their way down the runway, while at Halpern, press-ons had a negative space on their lower parts.

#10 – Colourful Tips

A modern way to add interest to a French manicure are colourful twists on the tips. Consider teaming a pale pink or beige nail with a gold, gunmetal, silver or bronze. Or for a strikingly graphic look, opt for a white nail with a black tip. At Nicole Miller, the nail tips matched the eyeshadow, creating the ultimate matchy-matchy makeup look.

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