Damaged Nails? Here Are The 6 Products You Need To Have

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If you’ve noticed your nails are looking more drab than fab, it might be time to send them off to nail rehab. From our gel manicure obsession, to the constant exposure to environmental elements – not to mention the fact that our hands bear the brunt of much of our daily activities – there’s no doubt that our nails regularly cop a beating.

Despite this, our nails are often our most neglected and overlooked body parts, when in reality they should receive the same amount of pamper time that we devote to our skin. Luckily, the solution to saving your hard working tips is to show them a little bit of TLC. That’s as easy as an extra 5 minutes a day and you can say good bye to suffering, weak and brittle nails forever!

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#1 – Serum

If you thought serums were solely reserved for your face, think again! While a serum for your nails may sound a teeny bit strange, you will be singing a different tune as soon as you see and feel the benefits.

Smooth the serum over your entire nail (cuticles and all!) and watch as it sinks straight in and strengthens your nails like nothing you have ever used before – you’re welcome. Serum is a must-have if you’re accustomed to getting your nails done regularly with SNS gel polish.

Try the Revitanail Kertain Strengthening Serum ($14.99) to assist your damaged nails. Formulated with key ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, your nails will be left feeling nourished and protected.

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beauty tips how to strengthen nails overnight mask

#2 – Overnight Mask

If you love overnight facial masks, why not treat your digits at the same time? Overnight nail masks are a real mani saviour as you apply the formula to your nails just before your beauty sleep and simply wash away when you wake up to reveal restored, revitalised nails – no nail polish remover required here.

Indulge your nails and try the Ciate London Knight in Shining Armour ($24) overnight mask. Enriched with Marula Oil for hydrating, brightening, revitalising results; and Urea, an extremely efficient nail moisturiser that penetrates nails to leave them deeply rehydrated, you will be kicking yourself for not investing in one sooner!

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#3 – Cuticle Oil

Every nail expert swears by regular oiling of your nails. Rubbing cuticle oil all over at least once a day helps to stimulate healthy nail growth and keep cuticles under control. Best of all it keeps them hydrated, and hydrated nails equals healthy nails!

We like the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil ($17.95) as it is enriched with essential natural oils and is super easy to use. Simply treat yourself to a hand massage morning and night to see optimum results.

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#4 – Treatment

When our nails are flexible and hydrated, they are less likely to break or chip as a result of wear and tear. One the best ways to keep nails healthy and strong is to regularly apply a treatment coat. Simply apply this Sally Hansen Nail Rehab ($16.95) every two days to bare nails to create a hard, shiny surface coat that will leave nails looking shiny and polished, while reducing the chances of breakage and peeling.

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#5 – Base Coat

Now that you have done the hard work bringing your nails back to their peak condition, keep them that way by using a treatment base coat. A double duty base coat like this OPI Natural Nail Strengthener ($19.95) will not only protect nails from further damage, it will also act as a barrier and shield them from the drying effects of water or cleaning products like dish washing detergent. Wear alone or under your favourite lacquer shade.

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#6 – Nail and Hand Cream

Now that winter is well and truly over we are only beginning to see the damage the cold air has left behind on our skin and hair, but do you ever think of the turmoil it leaves on our nails? During the colder months, the skin around your fingertips are more prone to moisture loss and peeling. So what do you do? Reach for your trusty hand cream of course! Rehydrate your hands and nails just like you would your skin.

For an intense hydration boost we like the Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream as it treats hands to 12-hour hydration and soothing comfort, providing a barrier against environmental stressers and boosts their ability to retain moisture.

 Have you tried any of these nail-repairing products? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  • Reply Shailja Thursday 15th September, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    I have tried OPI nail strengthener and it works like a miracle. Give strength to nails and prevents them from damaging.

  • Reply Abby Thursday 15th September, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Love it! Most of us focus on nail polishes and making your nails looking good, but there is not enough information out there about keeping nails healthy!

    Abby of My Hair Care

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