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The invention of gel manicures a few years ago was one of those beauty game-changers we wish came around more often. The miracle of salon-perfect glossy nails, all day, everyday. Nails so shiny you could apply your makeup in their reflection! They withstood whatever we threw at them…. bleach, the gym, renovating – no problem. (What a dream!)

How to get rid of shellac

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Then one day, the good times no longer rolled with your nails and the next phase set in. It wasn’t so pretty any more. If you were “lucky”, your old polish would just grow out – leaving you with a not-so-lovely strip of bare nail in-between the cuticle and the lacquer. If you were less fortunate, your gel polish would start to lift and peel – often taking a layer of nail bed along with it.

Not good!

And so, back to the salon we went, to have it all professionally removed. Not only was the trip back to the salon an investment of time, it was also costly and rather toxic (hello pure acetone!).

Last week I discovered beauty game-changer #2, and it goes by the name of ‘Laque Lift.’ Literally just released in Australia, Laque Lift has revolutionised the way you get rid of your old gel polish. It is the solution to removing gel polish we have needed for so long. If you’re a gel polish addict like me, you will LOVE this product.

Here’s why:

How to get rid of shellac

There are several positives with ‘Laque Lift’. For me, the most important benefit is convenience. You no longer need to go back to the salon to have your old polish removed, meaning you save a lot of time and hassle. Because of the way this product is designed, you can literally remove your old polish whist watching TV, using the computer (yes it’s possible!), or reading a magazine.

Avoiding the salon also saves you a minimum of $12-$15, which let’s face it, you’d prefer not to spend getting something removed.

What I also really love about Laque Lift are the additional beneficial ingredients they have included which make it superior to the usual acetone nail removers. There’s a sweet vanilla aroma – and absolutely no offensive acetone smell at all.

The solution also includes collagen to leave the nails moisturised, and this also helps with nail repair. Laque Lift also includes UV shielding agents to protect the nails from damage via nail lamps if you decide to get another gel polish later.


How does it work:

Each nail is treated with it’s own little pouch/pocket that has a saturated wipe inside. You simply buff off the top layer of polish with the nail file provided, insert the finger into it’s own little pouch, fold over the sides like a little finger puppet and let the treatment do it’s work.

After 10 mins, you remove your fingers from the pouch and gently scrape off any residue with the cuticle stick provided. Voila! You’re done. It is so easy.

Using laque lift at home to remove shallac polish

Multi-tasking with Laque Lift! Image: BWA’s instagram @breakfast.with.audrey

Each pack (priced at $19.95 with free shipping) contains three applications and everything you need to remove your gel polish yourself. This is definitely worth checking out and trying for yourself if you love your gel nails but don’t want the usual hassles when they need to come off.

Rating: 9.5/10 

Head to to find out more, and to order. Laque Lift can also be found on Instagram.

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