The Art of the Modern Manicure: 5 Nails You Need Now


Our school yard days of using liquid paper to create the ultimate French manicure are over. Gone. Finished. Dead! These days the modern manicure is all about creativity. From a fresh base with sharp geometric lines to texture-effect polishes and cute cuticle highlights, these latest nail trends are anything but basic.

The problem with these nail trends is two-fold: often they’re impossible to follow (furry nails, anyone?!) or they’re hard to recreate at home without a Masters degree in Fine Art. Thankfully (and finally) there’s a new resurgence towards nail art that looks far more complicated than it really is, while still looking effortlessly chic.

Read on for the hottest nail trends as of now.

Ballerina Nail Trend 2016

1. Short, Sweet & Sharp 

It’s not just your nail polish you need to think about, nail shapes are every bit as important. Forget the boring Square and don’t even think about the Oval, this seasons hot new nail shape is the Ballerina nail. Nope, we couldn’t believe it either. Nails are tapered in towards a flat end point to resemble a ballerina’s toe shoes.

The flat end creates a look that’s edgy while still being wearable. The best part about this nail trend is the length of your nail can be varied and is just as effective at a shorter ‘wearable’ length. Let your shape be the focus and paint your nails a gorgeous shade of beige-nude for a look that’s perfectly en pointe.

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    These days the modern manicure is all about creativity.

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