10 Reasons You Need This Makeup Remover In Your Life

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We’re all looking for the next skincare staple to help simplify our lives. But with a pared back beauty routine, the products we keep in our makeup bags and beauty cabinets have to really earn their place.

One of the products we’ve learned we can do away with is traditional makeup remover, thanks to the invention of a revolutionary fibre makeup disc that uses only water (!!)

Thanks to the clever beauties at Santé By ENJO, it’s now possible to remove your makeup without harsh cleansers or additional products. Their award-winning makeup removers are a virtually magical way to remove your makeup that’s kind to your eyes and leaves you with clean and clear skin.

If you’re sceptical about this skin-loving, earth-loving way to remove your makeup with nothing but water, read on.

Here we explain 10 reasons why you need these magical fibre discs in your life! 

sante by enjo in use

#1 – They’re simple

The ENJO process only involves 3 steps to makeup-free skin: One – add water; Two – work the makeup remover in a soft circular motion; Three – pat your makeup-free skin dry – and you’re done.

#2 – They’re quick

When it comes to applying makeup we’re willing to take our time, when it comes to removing it we have a definite need for speed. 3 steps and no extra hassle means you’re in bed before you know it.

#3 – They’re natural

Handmade in Austria, Santé by ENJO’s fibre discs are made from environmentally-responsible raw materials. Just adding water means no harsh chemicals and no sting.

#4 – They’re super effective

Can you really remove your makeup with just water? Yes!

That’s because each fibre is 100-times finer than a human hair. By adding water to the patented fibre technology, its weave is designed to lift and trap makeup and impurities for clean and clear skin.

#5 – They’re pretty

Available in three colours (blush, lilac and midnight), these makeup removers look as good as they perform.

#6 – They’re sustainable

Forget disposable, these Makeup Removers are reusable. They’re very durable and designed to last. After use, simply pop them in the laundry bag provided, wash and reuse.

#7 – They’re convenient

Long-lasting and easy to pop in your bag and take anywhere, they also come in a handy set of 7 – one for every day of the week.

#8 – They’re award-winning

Santé by ENJO’s Makeup Removers were voted ‘Cosmopolitan’s Best Makeup Remover’ in their 2017 beauty awards, and that’s no easy feat.

#9 – They’re guaranteed

If you try the product and don’t love it, you can send it back within 30 days and get your money back.

#10 – They’re the gift that keeps on giving

Santé by ENJO’s Makeup Removers are a great gift for any women in your life (especially any tricky “green-beauty” junkies!) You’ll be not only helping to simplify everyone’s beauty routines, you’ll be helping to protect the environment too. 

For more info and to buy, head to www.sante.enjo.com.au


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