Gold-Infused Japanese Skincare For Ultimate Anti-Ageing

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Japanese anti-ageing technology infused with ancient skincare ingredients (we’re talking flecks of real gold) is the next level beauty range we needed to get our hands on.

Merging traditional Japanese skincare practices and ingredients with cutting edge technological research, global skincare brand Sassou Japan has just launched its Goldwaver anti-ageing line in Australia.

Experts in the science of working natural plant extracts and 24k gold leaf together, Sassou Japan have have created a luxurious skincare solution for people wanting to address the signs of ageing including dark spots, dull skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and environmental damage.

If you’re wondering whether the inclusion of real gold has any real merit as far as beauty and anti-ageing goes, studies have shown that as a heat conducting metal, gold actively draws heat to the skin’s surface upon application and stimulates blood flow and circulation.

In turn, the mineral rejuvenates cellular structures in the skin by stimulating collagen production, improving elasticity, and increasing skin cell metabolism, which includes the secretion of toxins. As such, skin is left looking healthy, nourished and youthful with an incredible iridescence.

Furthermore, gold has been proven to magnify the effects of skincare ingredients by targeting and awakening weakened structures in the skin. As the gold actively draws heat to the skin’s surface upon application, it stimulates blood circulation and produces a revitalising, nourishing effect on the senses.

Benefits of Gold-infused skincare include:

Reduced acne and skin allergies
Increased skin cell metabolism and secretion of toxins
Reduced appearance of fines lines, blemishes, wrinkles and dark spots
Improved skin hydration and moisture retention
Reduced collagen depletion
Increased cell renewal for a healthy, luminous glow
Reduced inflammation
Improved elasticity due to the activation of the body’s basal cells

To further corroborate the value of gold in skincare, let’s not forget that for centuries, ancient cultures such as those in ancient Egypt, Rome and China, considered gold to have medicinal properties and often used this natural treasure to treat a variety of skin conditions and bodily ailments. 

Ideal for all skin types and complexions, the Goldwaver collection which includes the Gold Beauty Cleansing BarGold Shimmering Essence TonerAngel’s Dew Divine Moist, and Gold Eye Shiteru. These all contain Japanese-sourced 24k gold and is proven to revitalise dormant skin tissues and awaken weakened structures in the skin.

Combining antioxidant-rich flower and algae extracts with the anti-inflammatory and hydrating benefits of honey, the Goldwaver collection adjusts the skin’ natural 28-day renewal cycle by balancing excess sebum production, detoxifying and refining pores, enhancing skin translucency and elasticity, restoring moisture, and creating a protective luminous barrier from environmental stressors.

Sassou Japan’s key products include:

Cleansing Bar ($100 AUD, 100g)

Packed with refined 24k gold and containing over 20 natural plant extracts, the Sassou Japan gold beauty cleansing bar enhances detoxification by removing dirt from the skin, improving moisture retention and enhancing radiance and glow.

Gold Shimmering Essence Ex ($200, 30ml)

Glistening with 24k gold that dissolves on and penetrates the skin, the Sassou Japan Gold Shimmering Esssence Ex is a serum-style product designed to hydrate, enhance skin elasticity and aid in the definition of facial contours. Brightening and nourishing, the Gold Shimmering Essence Ex contains 24k Japanese gold that detoxifies skin, minimises the appearance of pores and helps support the body’s natural collagen cycle.

Editors Note: “Sassou’s essence ex is instantly hydrating and firming. Adding a freshness to the skin, the product glides on and absorbs straight away, with no residue. The product leaves a light iridescence after application.”


Eye Shiteru ($135, 15g)

An innovative gold-infused gel formula that melts into the delicate eye area to instantly hydrate, contour and brighten. With illuminating properties, the Gold Eye Shiteru is designed to reduce fine lines, plump wrinkles and reduce dark circles. Creating a radiant iridescence with real 24K gold, the Eye Shiteru also contains a world first soluble collagen formulation that improves water retention for a more plump, youthful appearance. 

Editors Note: “The Shiteru gel applies beautifully to the eye area, it is incredibly light yet super-hydrating. The gel leaves a light, brightening sheen after application. The hydration lasts for hours and does not interfere with makeup.”


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