Relocating To Australia For Work? Here’s What You Should Know

relocating to australia for work 2
Relocating to another country is one of the most challenging things to do no, matter where you’re headed. While Australia is very welcoming of visitors, if you’re considering moving here permanently, there are plenty of things you will need to figure out first.

Moving internationally is always easier if you already have a job offer, or have signed an employment contract in your new country. And having a rare set of beneficial skills will give you an ever better advantage. This is certainly true if you’re contemplating a move Down Under. Why? Because as a relatively new and small nation, Australia needs highly skilled workers to develop and provide better opportunities for their own population.

If you’re looking to move to Australia, here are several things to get you started.

relocating to australia for work

#1 – Visa And Work Permits

Australia’s work permits highly depend on your profession. The most common ones, however, require the following: you need to have mastered a certain level of English, meet the national health and character requirements, have an offer for a good enough job, and they also require you to have sufficient money behind you if you intend to start a business.

These criteria apply for several of the permanent visas offered by Australia, which are similar to having a permanent residency. You can also apply for a temporary permit that will last for the duration of your employment contract.

#2 – Finances

Once you arrive, opening a bank account should be on your list of things to do straight away. Luckily, new bank accounts are easy to come by for foreigners, and all the major banks offer accounts for non-residents.

Australia has quite a complicated tax system, so gathering a basic understanding of it should also be one of your top priorities. All people planning to work need a tax file number and a superannuation account. A tax file number is like a personal reference number in the system, and you can quickly apply for tfn online.

#3 – Housing

Australia’s property market is notoriously difficult to get into, whether you’re renting or buying. Ideally, you should do some research and get up to speed on the areas you’d like to live, and the prices before you get here. Most people organise to stay at a hotel for the first few days, then commit a bit of time to looking around for more permanent accommodation.

Keep in mind that accommodation in Australia is likely to be more expensive than what you’re used to back home. And if you’re looking into purchasing a property, then things will get much more complicated. You will not only need very deep pockets, but you’ll need to get an approval from the Foreign Review Board before you can purchase as a non-resident.

#4 – Healthcare

Healthcare in Australia is a combination of private and public plans. Australia prides itself on offering a very comprehensive public healthcare system, but it doesn’t cover absolutely everything. If you have any specialist medical requirements, then do as over half the Aussie population do, and opt for private healthcare insurance. Similarly, if you’re located in a rural area, then finding a doctor for all of your health problems won’t be anywhere nearly as easy as it is in the city.

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