What Types Of Services Do The NDIS Cover?

what services do the NDIS cover feature
If you’re in Australia and looking at being supported by the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), this article contains lots of useful information to help you on the right path.

What are the services available on the NDIS?

The NDIS will pay for a wide variety of services, which will be different according to each person’s needs and frequency of service. The NDIS will generally pay for any type of support service that helps individuals with disabilities to accomplish and enjoy life in the same ways as non-disabled persons.

This could be having a place to live, a career, interests, and the ability to socialise with friends and family. The NDIS funding scheme is intended to be adaptable and customised to meet the needs of each individual.

Participants in the NDIS are free to select the services they need to accomplish their objectives. The specific Core Support, Capital support, and Capacity Building Support in your NDIS plan will determine the kind of services you can receive.

Where do you receive support from the NDIS? You can receive all the support from reliable NDIS service providers.

what services do the NDIS cover

Standard NDIS Services

Individual Care

Services for personal care are those that assist you with your daily responsibilities. These are included in the group of “core supports” and include things like: help with showering, helping you get into and out of bed, assistance with grooming and dressing, help using the bathroom, managing wounds and changing dressings.

Gardening and housekeeping

You can maintain a clean, organised home with the aid of cleaning and gardening services. By removing any barriers, avoiding grime, and ensuring that you have clean clothes to wear, they help secure your safety. These are typical cleaning and gardening services: vacuuming, washing the clothes and putting them out to dry, dishwashing, cutting the grass, pruning, keeping up garden paths, window washing, dusting.

Dining services

Your NDIS money may be used to help you if you need assistance with meal preparation and cooking. A support person can buy what you need and make sure that your pantry is always stocked with everything you need. They can teach you how to cook for yourself in addition to making meals for you. Services for meal delivery may also be available.

Maintenance of the home

Everyone may find changing light bulbs to be difficult! This will be done for you by household maintenance providers, who will also put in any mobility or safety equipment. Depending on your needs and the objectives in your NDIS Plan, larger home improvements can also be achievable.


The NDIS covers the cost of transportation. If using public transportation independently is something you want to be able to do, a support worker may show you how and go with you at first. Taxis and other forms of transportation can be paid for with funding.


The NDIS’s purpose includes finding and keeping a job, and they offer assistance with school-level education, tutoring, and higher education. The support, particularly for higher education, does not cover the cost of tuition or textbooks; rather, it covers the cost of a support worker to help with transportation, attendance at courses, study, and note-taking.

These are some of the top services that are provided by the NDIS. However, there are some additional services too such as NDIS exercise physiologysocial support, psychological and even therapies you can also look into.

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