How To Find Quality Jewellery At The Best Prices

how to buy jewellery on a budget
Whether you’re looking for a surprise for someone significant or you’re treating yourself to a well earned gift, nothing says “special” quite like jewellery. It’s sentimental, customisable and personal – so what’s not to love?

For starters, the price tag that comes with a piece of jewellery may be your answer to that question! However, while jewellery has always been considered a high end and expensive gift, it’s becoming more affordable and accessible by the day.

So, if your budget isn’t unlimited and splurging on a designer piece isn’t an option, don’t worry. You can still find quality pieces if you play your cards right.

Jewellery labels such as Palas Jewellery and Stefano Navi are known for offering high quality and on trend pieces at affordable prices, so there’s no reason to deprive yourself of some sparkly goodies.

Or, if you’re looking for a piece of unique jewellery that goes with everything, the BTS Army Pendant, which is available on, is another great option.

Keep reading to learn how you can  buy quality jewellery at reasonable prices

how to buy jewellery on a budget
#1 – Know What You’re Looking For

When you start searching between necklaces, earrings anklets and rings, it definitely helps to know what you’re looking for. Spend time looking around at all the various styles and options available, and start to narrow down what you think will appeal to you the most over the long term. This will make it easier to find smart purchases that you don’t instantly get tired of wearing.

If you’re looking for a special piece of jewellery for a specific occasion, then keep that front of mind when browsing. For example, if you’re looking for something to mark a milestone birthday, then consider what style or piece would best reflect that life-stage and lifestyle. Rellery has a great selection of jewellery that can help mark special occasions.

For example, a discreet and classic diamond solitaire pendant might be the perfect gift-to-self for a 30th, while a stunning pair of pearl stud earrings may be the perfect present for a 40-something.

Creating an idea board on Pinterest or keeping magazine cuttings is a great way to explore your options and make an informed decision about your investment when the time comes. This will help you stay on track and eliminate the risk of impulse buys – we’ve all been there.

#2 – Be Selective

Gathering information about the piece you’re looking at is essential. Asking the right questions will help you know if it’s good quality, or whether you’ve been blinded by the brilliance and the shimmer.

The first question you should of course ask is what material the item is made from. If the piece is solid gold and encrusted with diamonds, obviously the price will reflect that. On the other side, if the piece is made with man-made stones or lower-grade gemstones, then you’ll expect to pay a lot less. The same goes for handmade jewellery versus machine-made items.

If you have the budget to spend, and it’s an original piece you’re looking for, then solid metals such as gold and platinum are the best options  says Australian Diamond Brokers, a sydney engagement ring shop.

#3 – Seasonal Sales

If you’re a savvy buyer, and save your cash until the right time of year, then it’s possible to get around 50% off retail prices. This is definitely worth doing if you’ve got your mind set on a particular pricey piece on your idea board, as you would be amazed at how heavy the discounts can be if you apply a little patience.

Luckily, there are several big sale events that happen throughout the year such as toward the end of the financial year (end of June), the Boxing Day sales, and Black Friday sales. Truth be said, these days you won’t have to wait too long for one to come along!

By following these handy tips you’ll be able to invest in some quality pieces without breaking the bank. Being prepared, doing some research and planning the perfect timing is all you need to do to fill up your jewellery box with some beautiful timeless items.

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