Planning An Anniversary Your Partner Will Never Forget

anniversary ideas
Anniversaries can be hard to plan for. If you want to do something big and beautiful this year, start with ideas like these.

If you’re in a relationship, your anniversary may just be the most special time of year. Therefore, anything you plan for it needs to be just as special! But as the years go on, it can be hard to come up with new and exciting things to go to celebrate your love for each other. (You may even forget!)

Don’t worry – sometimes neither of you have the time or energy to devise an amazing plan due to work and general life schedules, or maybe you prefer it when things are kept calm and small. But if you want things to be a bit more exciting this year, we’re here to help. 

Here are some anniversary ideas that’ll really please your partner.

#1- Pamper Them From the Moment They Walk in

Pampering your partner is a great way to remind them just how much you love them. This is especially true when they’ve had a hard day and need some TLC to get them back on track!

For this one day of the year you can give them a massage, cook for them, watch something they love without complaint, and generally grant them the day of their dreams.

If they’re not into pampering sessions like these, whatever it is they want to do for the afternoon or evening, let them take the lead. 

#2 – Celebrate Your Past Together

The first thing to think about when planning an anniversary is celebrating your life together thus far. Remembering where you’ve come from, including memories like your first date, first kiss, first night together etc, are all good ways to cherish each other on this special day.

Going through all of your photo albums and old videos is a good way to find moments you can try to recreate, or simply print out and remember together. Either way, it’s a meaningful way to spend an evening together that won’t require too much flashy effort. 

#3 – Finally Do Something They’ve Always Wanted to Try

If you really want to treat your partner this year, use this as an opportunity to do something they’ve always wanted to try. If they love racing for example, take them on a hot laps day out where they can get behind the wheel of some of the world’s fastest cars.

If they’ve always wanted to go surfing, why not rent some boards and hit the beach together? Whatever it is that’s on their bucket list, that you can pull off in a weekend and is relatively safe to do, plan that for this occasion! 

#4 – Buy Gifts for Each Year You’ve Been Together

And finally, why not just spend a bit of money and get a relevant gift for each year you’ve been together? You can use the standard anniversary system here, but you can also dig a little deep and buy something that relates to something that happened during that year. Then wrap up and deliver the surprise! 

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