The Best & Most Thoughtful Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

wedding anniversary gift ideas
Wedding anniversaries are important milestones for couples, as it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate that you’ve survived another year together! There’s latitude with these gifts, in that they can be more quirky and thoughtful rather than just something you’ve thrown money at.

Of course, no wedding anniversary would be complete without giving the perfect gift. While there’s always a little pressure to come up with something your other half will truly love, choosing gifts for this occasion can be difficult when you overthink all of the options and get bamboozled with the choices. If you’re looking to simplify the approach, then a personalised gift hamper from is a great way to make your anniversary special and it’s guaranteed to make them smile.

Your wedding anniversary gift doesn’t have to be a physical item though – there are some amazing gift experiences available that create memories to last a lifetime. For instance, a visit to a place you’ve talked about but never been before, a special trip to a restaurant, or perhaps it’s a couples day away from the children.

When looking for wedding anniversary presents, physical gifts, experience gifts and romantic gestures can all be perfect if tailored to your partner’s preferences.

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Keep reading for inspiration on how to choose the perfect wedding anniversary gift.

wedding anniversary gifts

#1 – Something symbolic

Each wedding anniversary has a traditional and modern symbol that can guide you to find the perfect gift. You can think outside the square by combining these symbols with tangible gifts that have special significance.

For example, the traditional first year wedding anniversary gift is ‘paper’, which could be tickets to a show, or the framing of your wedding vows. The modern gift is ‘clocks’ so a new watch would make a lovely gift.

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