7 Low-Key Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday That Aren’t Dinner

Birthdays used to be something we all looked forward to, but as we get older, we don’t always feel like partying the night away which is totally okay!

If you don’t want to make your celebration a big deal this year, we’ve gathered a few low-key ideas you can do, that don’t involve sitting at a restaurant – try them out!

#1 – Go to Karaoke

No official plans for your birthday – not an issue. Why not book a karaoke room and host a private party with a few friends so you can all sing your heart out without feeling embarrassed. Most karaoke bars offer food packages as well so you can dig in while belting out your favourite tunes. Beyonce the night away!

#2 – Movie Marathon And Chill

Got a list of movies and TV shows you have been saving? Now’s the time to binge-watch them with no judgement – it is your day after all! Kick off your shoes, put on your most comfiest PJs and get your snacks ready for the ultimate me time! We would totally also recommend some ice cream to add a touch of extra specialness to the celebration.

#3 – Take A Break With Cake

Who says you have to be surrounded by people to have cake? Step one: visit your favourite bakery and pick out your dessert of choice. Step two: make a birthday wish and eat your cakes in peace. You can even ditch the fork and go in with your hands for a more fun experience. After all, it’s your birthday!

#4 – Try A New Recipe

We don’t know about you, but the idea of pampering ourselves with a home-cooked birthday meal sounds fantastic. Whether you prepare an elaborate a-la-carte dinner from scratch or put together a 3-step dish, it’s time to bust out the recipe book and put on your chef’s hat.

There’s no better opportunity to experiment with a new dish than now and with yourself. When you’re done, pretend you’re on a cooking show and judge your own cooking (but don’t be too harsh!)

#5 – Marie-Kondo the fun way

Remember that scene from Sex and the City where Carrie and her friends Marie Kondo-ed her closet for her move with Big?

Taking guidance from that episode, simply grab a few friends and put on an outfit from the back of your wardrobe that needs to be thrown out. 

Spice things up with treats and drinks, and pop on some music. Lastly, banish the outfit (and anything else that no longer brings you joy) to the bin. You’re on your way to a new you for a new year.

#6 – Sleep Over

Nothing reminds you of your childhood more than having sleepovers with your friends. You can add activities like board games, movie marathons and makeovers to the agenda. Make sure you have plenty of food and drinks to keep the conversations going until the sun rises.

#7 – Surprise Yourself With Flowers

Who said surprises should come from someone other than yourself? Surprise yourself on your birthday and get yourself some flowers. A delightful flower delivery to your home or work is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Add a card with a message to yourself as bonus.

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