7 Popular Party Themes For Your Next Celebration


Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just a good ol’ fashioned get together, it’s always great to be able to celebrate something! However, as any party-planner will know, organising the perfect event can be stressful and confusing.

Whilst all you really want is for your friends and other invitees to have a great time, you quickly discover that finding a theme that caters to everybody is near to impossible. If you’re throwing a party for a broad spectrum of guests, such as colleagues, friends, family and neighbours, then the best approach is going to be choosing from one of these all-time-favourite party theme ideas.

Here’s all the inspiration you need when deciding on your next party theme.


#1 – Vegas Party 

Vegas, baby! A Casino-themed party, or, more precisely, a Vegas party theme can be an excellent way to entertain all your guests. What’s not to love about the tacky glitz and glam of Vegas?

Although online casinos are prohibited in Australia according to this source, there’s nothing to stop you from bringing the fun of casino into the home for your next shindig. Decorate with any array of famous casino signs, oversized dice, palm trees, betting chips and dollar bills. Add some party lights and tunes you’re good to go. 

#2 – Decades Party

Everyone has a favourite decade, so this is a great option if you want to see a fun variety of costumes in attendance. Whether its 70’s disco, 80’s retro or 90’s grunge or any other decade, get your guests to choose their favourite decade and dress up accordingly.

Alternatively, you can choose your own favourite decade and use that as the theme overall. For example, if you choose the 80’s, you can invite all the guests to wear retro outfits and create a playlist made up of all the biggest hits of the decade such as Duran Duran, Wham! and Madonna. And while you’re at it, put up posters and images of the biggest movies and stars of the era for that decade as well.

#3 – Alice and Wonderland, Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice and Wonderland makes a great party theme, as it’s bright, colourful, and really quite trippy. It’s even more exciting for anyone who lets their creativity run wild with the ‘down the rabbit hole’ metaphor.

Whether you go for the standard elements from the story such as mad hatters, glittery signs, large rose trees, and tea party motives, or interpret it more broadly, this theme is sure to create plenty of fun.


#4 – Heaven on Earth 

Take your guests to another dimension with a heaven on earth party theme. To do it, the entire room where you plan to celebrate should be in white or white and sky blue colours. You must Order Helium balloons, cloud cushions, soft curtains, cherub and angel wall decals to set the theme. For added atmosphere, hiring a smoke machine will transport your guests into another realm.

#5 – Bond 007 Theme

Is there a person on this planet that hasn’t watched at least one Bond 007 movie? The history of this movie is fabled, and with so many movies in this franchise to choose from, it’s an excellent party theme for a wide variety of people. No matter which era of Bond you love the most, some essential party supplies include martini glasses, a gun barrel backdrop, smooth music and classy outfits.

#6 – Studio 54 Theme

The 70’s disco era with all of its crazy fashion, funky music and unadulterated hedonism makes for a perfect party in 2021. Using the iconic Studio 54 as inspiration, deck your venue with mirror balls and rope light disco signs, glitter curtains and bright party lights. While the Studio 54 party theme packs a lot of punch, thankfully most of the party supplies are readily available and a budget-friendly alternative.

#7 – Masquerade Ball Theme

A masquerade themed party is a slightly more tricky one, and so tends to be a better choice if you’re looking for a more sophisticated atmosphere such as for 30th birthdays, workplace Christmas parties and anniversaries. For starters, you will need to establish a dress code. In addition to the formal dress code, you can decorate the venue stylishly with masked ball signs, flowers, candles and and ornate objects. 

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