How To Have The Best Holiday With Your Family

how to have the best family holiday

Most families gear up for annual holidays, whether it’s road-tripping or jetting overseas. However, family holidays don’t always happen as expected, especially when people are in close quarters.

You aren’t alone if you’re hesitating about taking a holiday with your gaggle of partners and kids. However, with the help of the following tips, you can make your family trip away worthy and fun.

#1 – Research Well, Choose Your Destination With Care

Finding the right destination that’s suited for a family holidays is key. While there is no perfect destination, it is best to look for a place that can suit as many people as possible. Several popular options tend to be: wilderness, culture, pool, or beaches.

But let’s face it, sometimes the idea of travelling with other people – even if they’re related, can be challenging. Therefore, always consider the maximum amount of time that everyone in the family can cope with. And if you plan to go to anywhere remote, then considering where you you’ll be based is imperative.

#2 – Invest in a Holiday Home

Even with many cheap hotel deals, hotels remain inconsistent. If you travel as a family fairly frequently, then you might find it’s best to invest in a holiday home if you can. Investing in a home away from home comes with life-enriching benefits. Namely, you’ll always have a place to spend quality time together whenever you feel like it!

A holiday home is the perfect setting to create good memories and traditions. If you don’t know where to start, there are many display homes in Meridian Estate in Clyde North you can view and buy for this purpose.

#3 – Pack Lightly

When taking a family trip away, dragging your luggage around is huge chore to everyone. Packing lightly means that you pack what you need smartly.

Consider lessening your luggage by following simple suitcase rules, like cutting back on duplicated clothes. Whether you’re going on a family or solo holiday, the same rules apply: do your laundry while away and pack two-to-three mix-and-match outfits. Avoid packing bulky outfits and things you can only wear once to help you save more space.

Another simple rule is to buy some of what you need when you reach your destination. These may include toiletries, snacks, bottles of water etc.

#4 – Be Flexible

If you can, it’s helpful to be somewhat flexible with your travel arrangements. Being flexible can help you pick up deals on airfares, car hire and accommodation. Try to plan your family trips for a mid-week stay instead the weekends if you want to save money.

No matter what time you plan to be away, always compare various destinations and weigh up the costs of getting there. Compare the costs for several airfares as early as you can to save as much as possible.

#5 – Involve Your Kids

Once you create a budget and short list all the possible destinations, get your kids involved in making the final decision. Whether you look at travel vlogs on YouTube, or view Google Earth, get them on board with the process by going through a range of options.

Look at the culture and popular experiences you can have at all of the destinations, the scenery, the activities, and the food. If your kids like learning about ancient history, then they may love a trip to Italy to visit all of the Greco-Roman ruins.

#6 – Get Support For Older Relatives

If you’re caring for older loved ones, you can sometimes feel guilty when looking at a holiday with your kids. You can feel even worse knowing that frail or ill grandparents might not be able to come with you. 

Rather than feel guilty and turn down that holiday with your kids, consider looking at support for older relatives instead. It might be in the form of respite care while you are away or looking at what help Supported Independent Living (SIL) payments can provide in terms of funded support. 

Ensuring grandparents have the right levels of care can support them to live their lives more independently and allow you to build those crucial memories with your own kids.

The Bottom Line!

Holidays are surefire way to maintain and strengthen family ties across generations. Whether you have school aged kids, adult children building their careers, and/or grandparents developing active lives, family trips away are always a great way to get together and make lifetime memories and traditions.

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