8 Tips To Staying Sane When Travelling With Friends

Are you getting ready to go on an international trip with your gang? You’re in for some fun for sure, but travelling with friends can be challenging, even if you’re tight-knit.

The lead up to any big trip overseas tends to be stressful. There’s so much to prepare, from booking flights and accommodation to working out what bucket list items you’ll be ticking off and what you need to pack.

When you’re travelling in a group, it can be even more of a minefield as you’ll need to consider everyone’s needs, wants, preferences and moods. Yet if you go into the adventure with open communication, and set expectations and standards of behaviour, then you’re on the way  to having a blast, almost guaranteed! 

Here we share our top eight tips to follow when travelling with friends so you can all stay sane and have the best possible time. Use this list to  prepare yourself and your crew for your big journey. 

Read on for 8 top tips when travelling with friends

#1 – Set Expectations from the Get-Go

It’s worth having an open and frank discussion with your friends before you leave. During this chat, you’ll want to bring up expectations of each other for when you’re travelling. For instance, what if the group wants to split, and a few people prefer to go and do their own thing?

By raising potential issues before you leave, you can refer back to these conversations when you are abroad. Ideally you want to mitigate the chance of any disagreements while you’re away, so once you’re there you can just focus on having the adventure of a lifetime. 

#2 – Agree on Budgets

Part of setting expectations from the get-go is agreeing on the budget for the trip. Your group may include people with different income levels, so you want to be able to agree on this.

For instance, not everyone can afford luxury accommodation, but others might not want to stay in backpacker hostels either. Try to find a middle ground that everyone can afford. 

#3 – Don’t Over Plan

While it’s great to have a loose itinerary, try to avoid the tendency to over plan. Sometimes it is best to keep things casual and make some spur-of-the-moment decisions. This way, you can enjoy spontaneity without being too rigid about what you should do.

You should discuss this while you’re setting your mutual expectations as well. Some people may have a concrete view of what they wish to see, and this may not line up with their friend’s plan. By discussing ahead of time, and keeping things relaxed everyone is happy and there are no accidental hurt feelings. 

#4 – Allow Time For Solitude 

Even if you’re best friends, everyone needs some time alone, especially introverts who need alone time to recharge their batteries. Make sure that you plan for some solitude amidst the busy trip.

Again, this needs to be communicated before leaving so it doesn’t appear like you’re snubbing your friends. Then, after some time alone with a book or a cocktail, you can come together as a group and recommence the fun times! 

#5 – Split the Bills

If you’re eating or drinking out on the town during your trip, try not to quibble about who pays for what. Just split the bill evenly. It can kill the mood if someone breaks out the calculator and tries to figure out who owes what down to the last dollar. It will all balance out in the end. 

#6 – Feel Free to Relax

It’s essential that everyone has to find some time to relax on their holiday. After all, why did you plan the trip? Holidays are about unwinding and relaxing. So, make sure that you dedicate some time to relaxing.

Whether it is chilling by the pool with some drinks, lounging in a bar or going for a dip in the ocean, ensure that you find some down time to enjoy the time off. Because, before you know it, you’ll be back in the big smoke, grinding away at work. Enjoy the freedom! 

#7 – Buy Currency Before You Leave

It’s worth using a currency converter before you leave on the big trip. You can all pool your cash and exchange it at the same time. There are a few reasons you want to do this.

First, you can keep a close eye on the exchange rates of the currency you wish to buy and try to pick a time when the rate is in your favour. Secondly, the fees are always higher at the airport and overseas than if you convert your dollars before you leave. It’s in everyone’s best interests to convert their currency before boarding the flight.

#8 – Sort Your Accommodation Early

It’s worth booking your accommodation ahead of time to ensure you get the best possible value. Imagine leaving it to the last minute and arriving overseas in dire need of a shower and warm bed only to find that everywhere is booked out, except for the flea hotels.

By booking ahead, you avoid a potential headache. You can also ensure that couples get their own room and the singles can share a room to save money.

A Cruisy Conclusion

Follow these eight top tips leading up to – and during, your holiday, and you’re guaranteed a fantastic time that’s full of good vibes and free of conflict and anger. Communicating from the get-go is KEY, then have some fun and make those memories!

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