Why Purchase ‘Pre-Loved’ Items from With Love Luxury?

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Do you love fashion? Maybe you want luxury, designer items but don’t want to pay the prices that are associated with these items. This is where With Love Luxury can be your solution, serving as Australia’s Favourite Destination for Pre-loved Luxury. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are “Pre-Loved” Items?

With Love Luxury serves as a one stop shop to buy, authenticate and consign second hand designer bags in Melbourne. What separates them from other similar consignment is rooted in a few different things.

First, while items have had a previous owner, those owners have also provided exceptional care for them. This means you are getting designer goods, such as handbags, shoes, and jewellery, that have been provided exceptional care along their lifetime.

Therefore, you can look at these items not so much as pre-owned but pre-loved. The previous owner has cared for their items, ensuring that they are in the very best shape.

You will often find that items still have their original tag on them and have never been used. Sometimes, people buy items and then find that they do not have a need for them. Now they are looking to sell these luxury items at a discounted price, giving you an almost brand-new handbag, necklace, ring, pair of shoes, or other similar items at a greatly reduced price.

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We Ensure Authenticity

At With Love Luxury, all items sold have gone through a rigorous inspection process. This authentication process ensures that the item is as promised. No “knockoff” items here. You get the real item, guaranteed.

This is one of the most challenging parts of purchasing a luxury item from other consignment retailers. It can be difficult to distinguish the real from the super fakes, and whilst some may take some short cuts in authentication by relying on just one authentication or state that they have in-house experts, this is where With Love Luxury comes in and wins by a mile.

With Love Luxury uses two global authentication partners are experts at determining what is real and what is not. This ensures that you are going to get the item that you purchase.

Not every consignment retailer has this type of business partnership. In addition, not every person selling an item can guarantee that it is authentic as well. Sometimes a person may buy a handbag or a pair of shoes, believing that they are 100% authentic, but may not have purchased the brand name luxury item as they had thought.

By shopping at With Love Luxury , you can be sure that we have done our homework, guaranteeing that the item is as promised.

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When You Know, Something Is Fake

To let you peek behind the curtain, there are things you can do before making a purchase that will assure you that a handbag, for example, is the real deal.

It starts with the stitching. An authentic handbag will be stitched with meticulous detail. In fact, this will be true of any luxury item from a name-brand designer, whether you are talking about shoes, dresses, or other similar items.

The same will be true of the zippers. Not only will the stitching around the zippers be meticulously detailed, but the small hardware piece will have the name of the designer in crisp, even letters. It will look sharp, letting you know this is authentic.

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Follow Your Nose

Have you ever bought a new car? A new car has a certain smell to it. You can tell by the smell of the vehicle that it is brand-new. The same is true of leather items. Leather has a distinctive smell, and a fake will not have that proper door.

As leather has a distinctive odour, so does plastic. If you find that something has a smell that you would associate more with a plastic container or a child’s toy, then you are likely not looking at an authentic item.

Learn the History

It is often in the small detail where you will find the mistakes by knockoff brands. One such case is when the fake provider uses a small detail that is inaccurate.

For example, they may say on the label that an item is made in Italy when the designer clearly makes their items in France. This may not seem like a significant detail, but it is one of the things that will give it away.

You should also know details about the company and the way that they design their products. For example, some designers have a certain sense of style in the way that they create their items.

They may have certain angles in the design of their handbags, or clasps may never have been engraved on. Certain colours may never be allowed. When you know the small details about what makes that designer unique, you can help yourself to ensure that the item is authentic.

Packaging Is Important

One last note to keep in mind is related to packaging. Many of the very best designers have a certain sense of style when it comes to packaging. They wrap their items a certain way, or they use certain types of materials when sending out their products.

This is one of the things that has helped to define With Love Luxury as well. Not only do we authenticate all items to ensure that they are the real deal, but we also are a company that is dedicated to the sustainability of the planet.

This is why we use sustainable, recyclable materials that are carbon neutral in all our packaging. Our Thank You cards are plantable and contain a native Australian bush flour mix that will look wonderful in your garden.

We have a certain sense of style as well, and this will help you to know you are receiving items from us and not from a company trying to present itself as part of With Love Luxury. We know you will love these pre-loved items and that you will find them to be everything you envision.

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