How To Have The Best Wedding Weekend

how to prepare for the wedding day bridesmaids
As your wedding day approaches you will be busier than ever – there are always endless loose ends to tie up, from vendors you are chasing, through to family that needs your assistance.

It’s always a very stressful time, and the closer you get to your wedding day, the more intense the pressure becomes. With so many factors to think about, even the most organised person starts to worry about things going wrong.

If you’re the bride, then it’s important to try and not get swamped with ALL of the minutiae the wedding day itself may bring. Instead, you should consider planning some activities for yourself and your bridesmaids for the night before the wedding, and for the morning of it.

So rather than focus all of your attention on the big day itself, think about utilising the day before to ease into the festivities, to get the most out of this special time.

Tips to make the most of the wedding weekend!

how to prepare for the wedding day bridal robes

#1 – Get Your Bridesmaids Involved

Having your best friends and family by your side on one of the most important days of your life will be amazing. And even more amazing is having them your side the day before to give you a boost of moral support and a hand with some of the things you need to do!

For the day before the wedding, organise to spend some time together. You can enjoy a relaxing time, or all chip in to get things ready for the next day. Either way, you’ll appreciate having them by your side to mark this momentous occasion.

#2 – Have A Pamper & Spa Evening

Don’t worry if it’s cheesy – buy yourselves some matching bride and bridesmaid robes to lounge in while you play your favourite movies the night before. Organise a platter or two, and a few bottles of bubbly and get ready to celebrate in style. (Of course, make sure you don’t drink too much, a hangover for a wedding is never ideal!)

Additionally, use this time together to have a pamper. Get a manicurist in to do everyone’s nails, put some face masks on, and just relax. The more you can do to take your mind off the next day, the better. Having good friends around you is just the right way to do it.

#3 – In The Morning

Depending on your ‘call time’, it’s a nice idea to enjoy a breakfast or light brunch with all of your maids when you wake up. Whether you prepare the food yourself or have it sent in, a good breakfast will set everyone up for the day ahead. It’s also a great opportunity to check in with your bridesmaids to see how everyone is feeling before the day officially commences.

#4 – Have A Plan For Getting Ready

Having a plan for getting ready is important. Showers and makeup can take a long time, and if there are a few of you all getting ready together, then you may need to allocate strict time slots. Having a plan for the order of things like showers and makeup may sound strict, but it’s a commonsense approach to avoiding terrible timing disasters.

#5 – Bring In Hair And Makeup Help

Having a professional do everyone’s hair and makeup for a wedding is a no-brainer, and it removes the stress from all involved. However, a tip: always have a run-through before the wedding day to make sure that the makeup artist / hairdresser knows exactly what beauty look you want to achieve, and so you will 100% happy with the results.

And last but not least, cherish every moment – and have fun!

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