Planning An Amazing Girls’ Road Trip: 3 Essential Tips To Follow

girls road trip
Organising a roadtrip with your favourite gal pals is the perfect way to create lasting memories in the great outdoors. But failure to plan results in wasted petrol and disagreements, which could ruin friendships. Keep reading to learn how to plan the perfect few days away.

Have you been group texting something like ‘we need to plan our girls’ road trip soon’ with your friends? You’re not alone. Travel insights by TravelPulse reveal women make about 80% of all travel plans, including where to go, what to do, and where to stay.

After all, travelling by car means you’ll have non-stop chatter and multiple stops to savor beautiful sceneries and engage in thrilling activities. That being said, preparing for a road trip is crucial if you and your girls want to make the most of the experience.

Not sure how to plan an amazing girls’ road trip? Follow these essential tips

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#1 – Decide When You’re Travelling 

Here’s where the challenge lies when you plan to travel as a group. Oftentimes, a weekend when one or two of you are free tends be the busiest for your other girlfriends. Therefore, sit down and go through your schedule until you land on a block of dates well in advance when you’re all free. There’s no problem in waiting for a few months. The point is, you have your girls’ car trip planned and everyone is committed to make it happen.

#2 – Map Your Car Trip Route

Another challenging decision you’ll face is where to go. Everyone will have different ideas of where they want to go, what to see, and things to do. For example, let’s say the overall goal is to road trip in Australia.

Some will want to explore the Great Ocean Road. Others will want to experience the thrill of driving along the Pacific Coast or the Great Barrier Reef Drive. It’s impossible to travel to everyone’s desired destination, especially when your time is limited.

So, how do you agree on one of the best road trip routes in Australia or other preferred travel destinations? Think about your group’s travel interests. For instance, if all of you are nature lovers, choosing a scenic route with lots of outdoor activities would be ideal. What if you’re all foodies? Consider a route that guides you to a culinary destination while you have adventurous moments in between.

#3 – Pick Your Ride

Part of planning your road trip will involve choosing a reliable vehicle for long-distance travel. Of course, size, comfort, reliability, and safety features will be top considerations. But it’s also crucial to think about fuel efficiency because it will affect your travel budget and carbon footprint. So, how do you identify a fuel-efficient car?

Check the kilometre per litre ratings of different models to see how far they can travel on a litre of petrol. A vehicle with a higher rating will require less fuel. For greater fuel savings and eco-friendly trips, consider buying a hybrid vehicle. When checking consumer ratings for the best hybrid vehicles, don’t forget to look at the fuel usage rating. You should also check for additional features like lane departure warning, traction control, heads-up display, and back-up camera.

#4 – Budget In Advance

Start by allowing everyone to propose what they can afford and work with that to set a realistic budget. When budgeting, plan for the basics (transport, accommodation, and activities) first. If you’re tight on cash, your group can save money by doing several things.

One, spend more time outdoors and stay in affordable hotels. Two, stick to more cost effective, but thrilling activities like hiking, rock climbing, rafting, or half-day scuba diving tours. However, if you can afford to splurge on accommodation and activities, don’t limit yourselves.

The success of a girls’ road trip boils to one thing: effective planning. Travelling by car lets you create perfect bonding experiences, but it could be disastrous if you don’t have a plan! So, think of where all of you want to go and plan for great outdoor adventures. Consider the car you’ll be driving, how much you want to spend, and most importantly, set travel dates well in advance.

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