The Art of Gifting: Why Personalised Gifts Make Better Presents

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As Roman philosopher Seneca truthfully said, “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.”

When you receive a thoughtful gift, you’re blown away by the gesture and the emotions of the person giving the gift. And when you are gifting a loved one, you almost give a part of your heart wrapped with it. 

That’s why personalised gifts create such a strong impact on the receiver, and what makes personalised presents so much more precious than any random gift. It’s not about the monetary value but the thought and care involved. Personalised gifts not only touch our hearts they create a beautiful memory in our minds.

If you still need convincing that these types of gifts make the greatest presents, keep reading for more reasons to make your next gift a personalised one!

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#1 – Connects at the personal level

Receiving a simple coffee mug is probably not going to be as exciting as receiving one with your name inscribed on it. It’s because getting the personalised coffee mug makes you feel special at an elevated level, which establishes more of a personal connection between you and the giver.

As the receiver, you realise the added thought and effort the giver has put into the gift, which makes the gesture even more special. 

#2 – Emotions are shared

Gifts are meant to reflect the feelings of the giver, but personalised gifts go a step further. They help demonstrate the thoughtfulness and creativity involved in selecting the one item that will be perfect for the recipient. Gifting an exclusive present means the giver holds your connection with importance. 

#3 – Personal bonds get stronger

It’s possible that even estranged relationships can be mended with the help of a personalised gift at the right time. A special gift can put a smile on a gloomy face, help mend hearts, and strengthen connections.

It all starts with a custom gift establishing a personal connection, which leads to a stronger bond, without a word spoken. So next time you think about gifting someone, choose custom gifts and show the person how much you care.

#4 – Personalisation enhances the gift’s value 

A gift, however small, becomes invaluable when thoughtfully customised. A key ring or a pen may be a trivial gift but it becomes invaluable with your creativity. Imagine the pride of a young student showing off a cool new personalised school bag at the start of a new school year! Personalisation imparts a certain exclusivity to a gift that is hard to beat.

#5 – Helps make shared memories

As you would by now understand, the experience of receiving a customised gift is memorable. Every time your loved ones use the customised items you gifted to them, they are thinking of you, reliving the memories of the time spent together, and hoping to make more memories with you.

In Summary

The amount of money you spend on gifts isn’t important. Your thoughts and creativity in expressing the love and care you have for the receiver makes a difference. No matter what type of personalised gifts you choose, it’s undoubtedly the best way to go about gifting your loved ones.

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