7 Tips On How To Play Laser Tag Like A Pro!

laser tag tips and tricks

Children of the 1990s will remember laser tag fondly. What felt so modern at the time is now retro, and in our quest to reclaim our youth, the game is having a major resurgence. If you’re someone who plays to win, then being the best at laser ag is no exception.

Keep reading to equip yourself with all the best tips to playing laser tag like a pro.

Being the best laser tag player is obviously all about how you play it. You’ve got to keep your head on a swivel, stay low, look for cover, and use stealth tactics if necessary. This article provides some handy tips on what you need to do before, during, and after playing laser tag.

#1 – Know your equipment

Make sure you’re familiar with your laser blaster. Know how it operates and what the buttons do. You’ve got to know where the safety is, how many shots are in a magazine or in the chamber. If you don’t know anything about your equipment when starting out, search google or YouTube for answers – don’t be left in the dark on this one!

#2 – Get an edge

Lasers and blasters can be purchased in a number of sizes and shapes. Usually, the larger the laser/blaster you use, the easier it is to get your target. However, smaller ones allow you to move faster because they’re lighter; others provide improved accuracy due to their design.

If you’re on a budget or don’t want to lug around a big piece then perhaps start out with a small one. Try asking people which lasers they recommend if you need help deciding what’s right for you. You may also check this site, https://www.timezonegames.com/en-au/play/games-and-attractions/laser-tag.

laser tag tips

#3 – Control your breath

Controlling your breath is crucial when trying to shoot straight and conserve ammunitions: breath by your stance/grip, not by your gun.

For example: in a sniper-like stance, you hold the laser blaster in front and high with both arms and support it on your shoulder; in a semi-auto stance you hold the gun in front of your chest with both hands at waist level or lower. In a run-n-gun or automatic mode, you’re probably holding the blaster down low across your body with one hand at waist level and firing rapidly with an isosceles stance.

Make sure to take deep breaths when playing laser tag because if you try to shoot when out of breath then chances are that you’ll miss more than if you took some time to rest.

#4 – Use stealth play

If possible, avoid announcing your presence to other lasers. This keeps them on their toes and makes you a harder target to hit. Staying low, using cover objects, and crouching behind empty barrels are just some of the ways that you can conceal your body from enemy fire.

#5 – Be smart with reloading

Reload in cover or when necessary. If reloading near an opponent, keep a good distance away so they don’t have a chance at hitting you while doing so – this allows them to catch their breath too! When in doubt, just duck behind something solid for protection then take it from there.

#6 – Tag ’em hard!

Shoot quickly without being too aggressive or reckless with your ammo supply; remember, every shot counts even if it’s not a direct hit. If you get tagged, don’t worry about it too much – you’ll respawn soon enough and then get back into the action.

#7 – Stay efficient with ammo supply

Don’t waste all your rounds on one opponent when there are many other tougher ones to take on instead. It’s better to shoot in short, controlled bursts rather than spray & pray since this conserves more of your ammunition for later on during play. Try not to overheat either because if you do, then that means the gun isn’t ready for use until it cools down again (usually takes around 30 seconds or so).


So there you have it, seven simple yet practical tips on how to play laser tag like a pro! Just remember that when in doubt then just take it slow and steady because that way you’ll avoid making any costly mistakes.

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