Paris: How To Eat, Drink & Shop Like a Local

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, then it’s time to conduct some all important research before you depart.

And no, we’re not talking searching for flights, finding the best hotels, and hunting down the coolest restaurants (though that is important.) We’re talking the even more important research to do with shopping!

If you’re someone who loves the idea of enjoying Paris like a true Parisian, and who wants to find all the best hidden gems the city has to offer, then insider knowledge is key.

But where can you find actual insider travel tips and recommendations online?

A google search led us to discover INSIDR. This is a website created to share tips and recommendations from locals in some of Europe’s key travel destinations such as Paris, Amsterdam and London.

If you’re dreaming of going on a French girl fashion spree, and combining that with some delicious croissants, museums, and people-watching, bookmark INSIDR. You’ll find all sorts of useful information to help you have an amazing trip all on the one platform.

So if you’re off to Paris, here are 6 interesting tips you should know (thanks to INSIDR!)

#1 – Sales periods are regulated

Yes, you read right. In Paris, the government regulates sales which means there are 2 major sales periods only. This is important info if you’re planning a trip to the city of light to stock up on your French classics. So for people planning to shop, make sure you’re there in January or July (or else, be prepared to pay full price.)

#2 – There are so many boutique brands you’ve never heard of

Ever heard of brands such as Jonak, Bocage, and Mellow Yellow? We didn’t think so. There’s good news for those that LOVE their under-the-radar labels, as there are dozens of homegrown Parisian shoe brands ready to be discovered. Thankfully, INSIDR gives you a run down on these – and where to find them. For more info check out this Paris shopping resource.

#3 – Stylish and affordable hotels DO exist!

It sounds like a myth, but we promise it’s not! Check out INSIDR for a run down on a range of hotels that offer style and substance. For example, discover the fashionable Hotel Chavanel in the 8th arrondissement –
just near Opera. A perfect choice for shoppers as it’s conveniently located to all the big destinations such as Galeries Lafayette and rue Saint-Honore.

#4 – Browse the best “Bouquinistes ”

One of the best parts of going on a trip is bringing back a little memento or two, but no one wants to settle on a tacky keychain! Luckily, buying authentic souvenirs in Paris is made easy thanks to the guides on INSIDR. The website recommends giving the touristy shops a miss, and visiting the “bouquinistes” by the Seine river who sell vintage books and postcards instead.

#5 – Eat and drink like a local

If you’re a foodie, then you’ll be more interested in the edible variety of souvenirs like macarons from Pierre Herme or anything from Lafayette Gourmet. Through INSIDR you will be able to find out exactly where to go, and you’ll learn plenty of hidden gems.

For instance, did you know how much of a 1-stop spot Galeries Lafayette really is? Selling everything from clothes to food, you simply can’t go to Paris without sampling their gourmet selections are doing a French cooking class.

And if you love hunting down the best cafes, restaurants, and the latest food trends, then the articles INSIDR publishes about the best macarons, creperies and croissants in Paris need to be bookmarked.

You’ll also discover a comprehensive list of Paris’ coolest hidden cocktail bars, best outdoor food markets, and even where to eat gluten free food. Try finding this info on Trip Advisor!

#6 – Paris vs Vegas – Is there a difference?

Of course there is, but maybe not so much when it comes to one thing: entertainment. There’s at least one thing Paris and Las Vegas have in common, and that’s the range and number of shows they have. You may be surprised by just how many different types of shows there are in the city.

From offbeat poetry readings to popular stage shows, Paris has it all. If you’re not sure what’s worth seeing, then the content on INSIDR will fill in the blanks. For example, they highlight Olivier Giraud’s ‘How to be Parisian in 1 hour’ and the Moulin Rouge as must-sees.

Post-show activities are not forgotten, as the website scopes out a range of amazing venues that are adjacent to the shows, meaning you are never too far away from a locally-endorsed aperitif or late night snack.

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