Groundhog Day? Here’s Why You Can’t Shift, Despite Your Efforts.

Karla was feeling hopeful. Momentarily jubilant, even.

A yoga mat tucked under her arm, green juice on order, and a positive podcast trilling between her ears, this was self care at its finest.

However, despite the uplifting messages flowing from the headphones to her ears (and those tingling post-stretch sensations), Karla was at a loss as to why the “life shifts” she was so yearning to create weren’t quite happening.

But I do affirmations! I mediate!” She exclaimed to no one in particular, baffled why her career, financial and relationship situation have basically gone stale.

Because,” I explain, “while your actions are great for self care and wellness, they do not get to the core of addressing the issues that may be holding you back”.

What I’m saying is, here is no point drinking green juice and being ‘mindful’ if you don’t get the BASE for transformation.

Affirmations, yoga and journaling are great, but you need to delve a bit deeper and see what’s going on in your subconscious.

What the heck is our subconscious?

We do what we know best, based on our past experience and basically, how we’re programmed and pre-wired to solve problems.

The rational mind is where our conscious thought lives (yes, it’s that inner voice thinking and reading this article!), while the subconscious mind is the storehouse of every experience, and where we file away all feelings and events.

If your conscious mind is a playlist on your phone, then the subconscious mind is the whole i-Tunes!

As soon as you’re triggered by something stressful, you default to an autopilot setting, despite your best intentions. That’s why people lose their temper, stonewall others, or go on a bank-breaking, wine-fuelled e-Bay binge.

It’s why we text our ex when we know we shouldn’t and confront the colleague despite our better judgement. This is not because it’s the right thing to do, but rather, we’re at the impulsive mercy of those pre-wired mental programs.

These were created at a point in time by our younger self. Something crappy happened – and our brain went ‘never again’ and created a little shutdown, as well as a peptide chemical flush to lock that lesson in.

So, when a situation happens that reminds our biochemistry of that original one, those same emotions fire and your subconscious goes ‘not today, Jose’.

To protect you (or so it thinks), it runs the old program – without your awareness.

So, what CAN YOU DO?

In Karla’s case, the is a little voice in the background saying, ‘you’re not good at your job’, ‘you’re not good enough to get a boyfriend’, ‘you’ll never succeed’, because that is what she subconsciously believes.

It’s an old program – and she probably doesn’t even realise due to the happy podcast trilling in the background. This is the reason she feels stuck.

And the essentially hidden nature of the unconscious mind is the reason we can’t do it alone.

We do not have the freedom and free will that we think we do. Yes, we make conscious choices, but everything that makes up our minds is determined by prior causes outside your control.

The only way to nail life is to believe something different at the subconscious level. This is a true shift.

Here are three tips to help rewire your Subconscious:

1. See a mindset coach.

Seriously! The eye can’t see itself and the tricky nature of the subconscious is that its subterranean. Those sneaky beliefs are hiding from you, so you need an intrepid expert to help you name and release them once and for all.

2. Start journaling.

This is a MUST for all my clients, as it has the wonderful quality of letting you get honest with your beliefs as you pour them out on paper. Don’t worry about what comes out. You can cast an eye and see if there’s any murky thoughts you wanna flip.

3. Flip that thought!

Once you start writing down your thoughts, you’ll see the same offenders time and time again – and then you can get in the practice of basically thinking the opposite. The process of neurogenesis (or, growing of new brain cells) will ensure this new belief has a chance to flourish. 

The subconscious mind itself is awesome – it remembers all the wonderful and fabulous things you have done in your life; all your wins and successes, and even has you tapped into higher knowledge.

However, by wiring the subconscious for success, you no longer struggle. This new paradigm is effortless. When youre aligned, obstacles are removed and opportunities come synchronistically, because you’ve trained your brain to reference your successes, rather than your failure?

What if you were tuned into the wiser parts of yourself?


About Alina: Bridging the gap between the esoteric and scientific, Alina Berdichevsky has curated the best of neuroscience, philosophy and positive psychology into her signature Cognitive Reset program. Learn more – and register for a Complimentary Cognitive Upgrade Session at


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