French Style: How To Be Parisian In Just One Click

french style

Many of us secretly (ok maybe not so secretly) lust after “French style” and try to emulate it as much as we can within our wardrobes.

It’s that seemingly effortless knack for creating practical, pared-back, yet feminine outfits that have the rest of the world yearning for more.

But don’t worry, you’re not the only one wondering how French women create these outfits, and how they always look so chic and elegant in nothing more than a pair of pants and a sneaker!

While the true secrets of French style remain a mystery, it is possible to adopt the basics into your own repertoire with the help of stores such as My Parisiennes, who know just what the right ingredients are.

You can now re-invent the way you shop and revamp your wardrobe anytime from anywhere with a French touch.

If you’re yet to discover the one-stop-shop for all things French style, read on!

Founded by Parisian expats Caroline and Karine, My Parisiennes was created to bring customers access the Parisian Chic universe with just one click. More than just an online boutique, My Parisiennes it is a way of bringing French style to the world.

Curated with a timeless philosophy, the website features many unique and iconic pieces that you can love forever. Committed to showcasing the best, My Parisiennes only works with designers and brands capable of providing the style and quality we expect from French fashion.

Expect to see the iconic striped tops and tees of Saint James, the gorgeous children’s collection that is Chat Malo, and an amazing collection from Ines de la Fressange that includes clothing, handbags and accessories.  

If you’re ready to be tempted, here are some of our favourite Parisian essentials you can shop online – no airfare required.

french style

We Love:

‘Aurora’ Blouse by Ines De La Fressange Paris

Top model, Muse, Fashion Designer, Businesswoman, Ines de la Fressange is the epitome of French style. Ines knows how to embody effortless elegance and chic sophistication with simplicity and ease. Adopt the essence of Ines’ Parisian attitude with any of the stunning pieces available.

french style

We Love:

‘Hippy Chic Oversized Sweatshirt’ by Be Parisian

The French brand, BE PARISIAN, glamourises Paris and its culture through an exclusive design designed in France by the talented French artist Emmanuelle Legavre. Proudly made in organic cotton, let’s be seduce by the natural fabrics to adopt the trendy, chic and casual style of the Parisian woman.

Designed with “La Parisienne” in mind… A woman defined by her style, her “je ne sais quoi”, her effortless chic look.. Her preppy mood, her Hippie-chic look, her overbooked days, her glamour and crazy nights… She is definitely an icon of fashion and always secretly inspire us

french style

We Love:

‘Rive Gauche’ Sneaker byBarons Papillom

An absolute essential to capture French style, Barons Papillom design luxurious and creative sneakers that we absolutely adore. Proudly designed in Paris, the “atelier” is today on the banks of the Loire. Barons Papillom sneakers are manufactured in France with high end fabrics and offer you durability and an exceptional way to embrace the casual style of the Parisienne. 

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