10 Wonderful Sydney Spots That Will Make You Think Of Paris!


Audrey Hepburn, the ultimate film and fashion goddess herself, put it simply when she said, “Paris is always a good idea.” And like most things, she was spot on.

Paris the city of love, light, art, and possibly the world’s most genetically blessed faces. Despite all its clichés, it really is impossible to not fall in love with Paris (or the Frenchman that once served you your morning coffee and croissant).

Whether you’re in “tourist mode”or opting away from the city’s busiest areas you can never have a dull day in the French capital. You might even find yourself in a Saint-Germain café – your Vuitton bag to one side, your shopping to the other, all the while sipping your espresso and people-watching through your dark Chanel sunglasses. Talk about living the dream! #holidaygoals

Even though there are 16,950 heartbreaking kilometres between here and there, it isn’t completely impossible to add a little bit of Parisian culture into your day.

We’ve found 10 incredible Sydney spots that put a little bit of Paris into your life. Add these must-visit spots to your calendar now!


#1 – Felix Restaurant – (Ash St, CBD)

Although located in the heart of Sydney, this Parisian-style brasserie will make you feel like you’re dining on the Champs-Élysées! The restaurant walls are covered in actual tiles from the Paris subway, while the exquisite chandeliers are imported directly from France.

Felix boasts nothing less than a classic French menu, with dishes such as a twice-baked Gruyere soufflé, because ‘ordinary’ is not a term known to Parisians and it shouldn’t be to you either. Complement your soufflé with a Pinot Noir from Burgundy and voilà! You’ve got yourself the ultimate Parisian dining experience.

Find out more about Felix Restaurant here.

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