If You Like It, You Should Put Your Name On It


Like her opinion on most things, Beyonce is not wrong.

This season, all in the name of fashion, we are custom monogramming anything and everything that walks off the runway. And, unlike our childhood obligation of having to initial everything we own just to avoid our classmates stealing our favourite stationery item – we’re not doing it because we have to.

Fashion has always prided itself on being an outlet for self expression and lucky for us we can now not only show the world who we are through our fashion choices, but can quite literally tell them without having to open our mouths.

The market is bursting with brands now taking pen to paper… or fabric so-to-speak, so it’s to no surprise that our Instagram feeds are filled with more personality than ever before.

 If you’re keen to put your own name on it, we’ve rounded up 5 Australian brands that will help you do just that.

Click through to see them all.

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Via: The Daily Edited

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    I love ur products where and how can I get them

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