Oberoi St – An Online Destination Inspired By Wanderlust

Take one seriously-addicted fashion shopper, add many years spent travelling the globe to exotic locales, then shake. The result: Oberoi St.

Founded less than a year ago by Amber – a self-confessed shopaholic, Oberoi St is an exciting newcomer to the Australian retail-fashion landscape. After spending much of her life travelling, (and collecting a hefty stash of clothing wherever she went – don’t talk to her about about excess baggage!) Amber ended up with a wardrobe so full of incredible, unique pieces that she could barely wear it all.

Upon returning to Australia (and giving the credit card a workout at the usual big-name stores) Amber quickly realised that what she had just bought never felt quite as special as say, a $40 dress she picked up in Thailand that no one else had. Amber says “I felt that there was nothing in Australia that offered women aged 25-45 limited pieces at a really great price point… I could no longer justify paying $200+ for something everyone in the street either owns or has seen before.”

And with that, the vibrant e-commerce concept of Oberoi St (named after the famous boutique shopping street in Seminyak, Bali) was born. Based around the notion of finding something special and cherishing it, the philosophy of this brand revolves around uniqueness, exclusivity, diversity, accessibility, and on-trend design.

Incyda dress with detachable sides, shot on location in Bali by Oberoi St.

Browse the range at Oberoi St at any point and you’ll catch an evolving mix of colours and styles. Like any seasoned global traveller the range keeps moving, (and even whilst researching this piece the store received a new drop of pieces including luxe gemstone jewels, relaxed-fit bright blazers, a stunning jumpsuit and two amazing puffer jackets!)

For Amber, quality and quantity are paramount, and Oberoi St is successful in managing to combine very high exclusivity (think no more than 10 pieces in mixed sizes per style) at very affordable prices (there is a LOT to choose from under $100.) Usually, that rarity is a premium that brands charge more for, but at Oberoi St it is quite the opposite.


Gorgeous Alexandra Redmond Lucia Necklace (via Oberoi St’s Facebook)


Amber passionately scours the globe to select the right emerging designers who not only have the right design skills, they must also have an unwavering commitment to quality. “Our criteria in taking on a designer is that they have a beautiful point of difference, a brilliant price point, incredible quality, and do not yet have the platform to distribute to the wider Australian market.” As such, a lot of the Oberoi St designers are Australians based overseas, but the brand also represents designers from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, The UK, Spain Sweden, India, Australia and New Zealand.

For such a young business, it was critical that Oberoi St set about building solid relationships with these similarly-up-and-coming designers (think Asilio, Incyda, Olenka). Amber says “it makes going to work so much fun to all be at a similar point, trying to grow and do what we love, and all helping each other out.. Our successes are shared and it’s a lovely way of doing business!”

Stunning Asilio The Label skirt and Zed Alliance top – chic and on trend! (and on sale!)


I love the breadth of the ever-evolving collection at Oberoi St, and the appeal is compounded by the exclusivity of the designs and a super-affordable price point. Whilst there is a lot of fashion ground covered (the offering spans from minimalistic silhouettes to heady floral print maxi’s) the range skillfully reflects the many facets of every woman, bringing it all together into an online destination you cannot help but want to escape to.

Oberoi St can be visited here and is currently on SALE, with 30-50% off current and previous season pieces. Priced from $15, with many bargains to be found at $50 and under! The sale is for a limited time only before all stock is replaced with new season collection.

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    Amazing colours

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