Meal Delivery Kits vs Shopping Yourself: Which Is Better?

best meal kit delivery services
Meal delivery kits are a tempting solution for people who are more pressed for time than ever before. Can ordering your family’s meal kits online end up saving you time, money, and energy? Let’s investigate.

Isn’t it a wonder that with all the modern conveniences and technology we have access to, a parent’s life seems to have become more complicated and stressful? It’s almost as if the more conveniences we introduce to our lives, the higher are our efficiency expectations.

Yet, every year, society seems to demand that more extracurricular activities be added to our children’s routines to give them the dynamic and fulfilling childhood they require. Add to that the ever-changing research on nutrition, which points at all the macro and micronutrients our families should thrive on, and it’s no wonder you’re feeling a little frazzled. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time to ditch shopping for food from the supermarket and get online to start a new nutritional trend at home.

So, if you’re wondering how to juggle work priorities with children’s schooling and extracurricular activities AND cooking from scratch, the answer, at least in part, may be subscribing to meal delivery kits to help you manage these demands better.

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Let’s take a closer look to see if meal delivery kits are better than shopping for food yourself!

best meal kit delivery services

#1 – The “Time Spent” Stats

According to a recent survey, the average American spends 53 hours a year on grocery shopping and Aussies are not much different. In fact, shoppers spend around 41 minutes per trip and make over 1.5 trips per week. Keep in mind, these figures are pre-pandemic. With social distancing protocols in place, the post-pandemic grocery trip is no short of an obstacle challenge. As such, the average person would spend at least an hour per week shopping for food.

Imagine what you could do if you swapped all of those inefficient hours spent shopping (53 hours off a year) into free time! With a meal kit delivery service you can claim some of these hours back. Not only is ordering meal kits online an instant time-saver, most meal kit delivery services let you set up your future orders according to delivery frequency and ingredient inclusions which provides additional efficiencies.

#2 – Making Peace with Nutrition

When we have run out of time and energy to cook, we tend to order takeaway. However, restaurant food comes with added fat and salt that are not great for your health when eaten often. That’s why cooking from scratch with fresh, healthy ingredients is the best way to go.

Meal kit delivery services carefully craft the meal kit with plenty of these healthy ingredients. They are portioned and ready to roll, with recipes included that put food on the table in less time than it takes to shop at a supermarket.

Lastly, you can make peace with all that nutrition research. Meal kits give you peace of mind that you’ll have the basics of healthy nutrition covered: healthy fresh ingredients, no additives or excessive fats, and a healthy habit of cooking from scratch.

#3 – Reduce Waste (Food & Money)

Over 75% of Australians admit they are food wasters, and 56% admit to throwing out food weekly. A crazy 3.1 trillion tons of food is wasted every year in Australia! While recent measures have saved some of that wasted food, it’s essential that we all try to tackle the root cause.

Apart from the idea of wasting an essential basic need, the environmental impact of wasted food is disastrous when you consider how energy-intensive food production has become over the years. While food distributors and retailers do their part to reduce waste, we need to start doing a better job at home.

Because grocery shopping can be time-consuming and hectic, we often buy in bulk to reduce our grocery trips. However, the well-intentioned exercise in efficiency results in almost a quarter of that food getting wasted. Again, creating a weekly meal plan with your favourite meal kit service is one of the most significant actions you can take to reduce food waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Because meal kits come with pre-portioned ingredients, you waste nothing and use everything. They save you time, money, and energy – both your life energy and energy you consume from the planet.

best meal kit delivery services

#4 – Meal Delivery Kits Are Budget-Friendly 

It goes without saying that food waste impacts your finances. According to a 2018 study, the average Australian wastes about $890 of food each year. (If you are wondering what you could do with $890, check out this article on how to treat yourself!)

When you eliminate food waste, your food bill will reduce too. And since time is money, the time you save at the supermarket alone will save you at least an hour per week (most likely much more than that). Over a year, this equates to a saving of 53 hours’ worth of money/ time, which is almost like having a week off!

#5 – Develop Global Taste Buds

We all know what family meals tend to be. We rely on classic staples and easy meals. Rarely do we cook like Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver at home. Between picky eaters, time constraints, allergies and the need for convenience, it is only natural to repeat a few staple meals time and time again. Lets face it, unless you have a culinary background, it’s nearly impossible to plan a weekly meal plan with a ton of variety.

Considering that lifelong tastes and eating habits are developed in childhood, it’s important to expose our kids to different cuisines and flavours from a young age. But how can you do it? When you plan your meals with a meal kit delivery service your kids will have exposure to various flavours, spices, textures, trending fusion cooking and the world’s best cuisines all in a week.

Meal Delivery Kits In Short:

From saving time, money, and energy, to reducing the effects on the planet, meal kits can help us manage our modern day lifestyle. Adding variety and excitement to our meals, while ensuring the food we put in our bodies is nutritious and fresh, they are a better alternative to convenience foods and takeaway.

Thanks to the booming trend of meal delivery kits, Australians have many options to choose from. Try out one of their introductory offers and see how this simple habit will change your life. Bon Appetit.

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