See Australia In 2022 With These Stunning Cruise Holidays

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Although air travel remains uncertain, cruise holidays are back on the agenda. Many Aussies are already looking ahead to 2022 and thinking of the places to check off their bucket lists. After all, having something to look forward to is half the fun of planning a holiday!

With international borders closed for now, Australian travel is where all the action is. And if anything, the ongoing travel restrictions have made many of us appreciate our amazing country like never before.

Whether you’re planning to travel as a couple, with your best GF, or with family and friends, seeing Australia by sea is a great choice. The incredible ocean views aside, there are so many reasons why a cruise holiday might be the perfect escape you are looking for.

For years, P&O Cruises has been the go-to for a fuss-free holiday in Australia, and so we asked them to round up the best cruises to book in 2022. But first, let’s see what the benefits of going on a cruise can be:

Why cruise holidays are the perfect holiday

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#1 – You don’t need to do any admin

Most holidays involve a lot of pre-trip planning, like booking flights, looking for accommodation that doesn’t break the bank and researching fun things to do. If you’re travelling in a larger group, the process can be even more time-consuming as you try to find ways to make everyone happy.

With cruise holidays, the only thing you have to do is show up to the port, and leave the rest to the cruise line. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the restaurants, facilities and activities onboard, and a comfortable room to come back to every night. By removing the admin, cruises make the leadup to your trip much less stressful, so you can truly relax onboard.

#2 – You can make the most of your holiday

Forget sitting in traffic, stopping at petrol stations or waiting at airport lounges like you would on a typical holiday. On cruises, the fun starts as soon as you hop onboard.

We know that every second of your holiday is precious, and that’s part of the reason why cruises are so popular among Australians. This country is beautiful, but it’s also huge, and travelling by train, plane or car can take up a chunk of time. With cruise holidays, you won’t waste any time “in transit.” Instead, you can take your pick of cruise activities and explore a new place on a shore tour.

Most Australian cruises drop anchor at picture-perfect destinations like the Whitsundays, where you can stroll around on your own or book an organised tour.

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#3 – There’s something for everyone

Between food, entertainment and activities, cruises are the ultimate people pleasers. There’s no shortage of options onboard, which is why cruises cater to all interests and attract repeat guests year after year.

If your idea of a holiday is diving into self-care all day, book a treatment at the day spa before sweating it out in a sauna and lounging on a pool chair in our child-free Oasis for the rest of the day. If you’re all about balance, practice your tennis serve or get a yoga class in before heading to the restaurant.

You could even learn something new by signing up for a mixology or dance class. And if you want to make new friends or bond with the ones you’re cruising with, enjoy a drink at one of the bars overlooking the ocean before heading to the comedy club, a live show or hit the casino.

As for dining, there’s a plate for every palate. Make it your mission to work your way through the ship’s selection of cafes and restaurants, and burn it all off on the dancefloor later!

#4 – It’s easier to budget for a cruise holiday

The cost of a cruise covers accommodation and all main meals in designated restaurants. It also includes most cruise activities, such as pools, gyms, shows and kid clubs.

You pay a one-time fare, which makes it easier to work your trip into your budget. For a short cruise, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars in total (per person). This can represent good value when compared to land-based holidays where just one major expense, like accommodation, could set you back that same amount.

And if you’re travelling with a group it’s a good idea to talk to a P&O cruise consultant about 2022 cruise deals, as they have often have perks for large groups. You might be able to receive a cash rewards or free venue hire to help you celebrate a special event like an anniversary or birthday.

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5 Of The Best Australian Cruise Holidays

If you like the idea of a cruise, you can’t go wrong with these journeys setting sail in 2021 and 2022:

P&O Cruises Barrier Reef Discovery Cruise. A week-long cruise that leaves from Brisbane and stops at three places in Queensland, including Airlie Beach, Cairns, and Port Douglas.

P&O Cruises Whitsundays Cruise. When you have a long weekend on the horizon, you can unwind on a Whitsundays cruise. Spend a day docked on the white-sand shores of Airlie Beach, where you can go scuba diving or snorkelling, or simply soak up the sun.

P&O Cruises Moreton Island – Tangalooma Cruise. If untouched beaches are calling your name, this 4-day cruise is the perfect choice. Departing from Sydney, you’ll work your way up to Moreton Island. One of the world’s largest sand islands, it’s famous for its pristine, peaceful beaches, sand dunes and colourful coral reef and unique hand-feeding dolphin tour.

P&O Cruises Sapphire Coast Food Festival Cruise. If you’re a foodies, this one’s for you. This cruise leaves from Sydney and drops anchor at Eden, a gorgeous seaside town on the Sapphire Coast. There, you’ll get to experience the Food Festival which celebrates the region’s most talented and creative chefs.

P&O Cruises Kangaroo Island. Attention nature-lovers and adventure-seekers! Cruise to the Kangaroo Island’s, one of Australia’s best-kept secrets off South Australia’s mainland, to see its untamed bushland and fantastic native flora and fauna. Be prepared to  spot Australian sea lions, kangaroos and platypus’s on your trip, and you can also take an ocean safari tour around the coastline of Kangaroo Island.

Let’s face it, Australia’s turquoise waters are waiting to be explored! To start planning your trip, head to the P&O Cruises website.

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