5 Tasty Winter Cooking Hacks To Try

winter cooking hacks 2
Winter is an amazing time to experiment in the kitchen because the variety available in fresh produce is extensive during this time of year. Additionally, you can cook your favourite dishes without sweating it out!

The cooler weather is also a great excuse to gather friends and family and cozy up indoors for some tasty dinner parties. Basically, there’s no shortage of reasons why winter is the perfect time to head to the kitchen and get your hands busy cooking up a storm.

If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you can try these smart winter cooking hacks to prepare delicious meals while saving time and money.

winter cooking hacks

#1 – Grate the butter

Given that it is cold outside during this time of the year, if left out, your butter will probably be as hard as ice as well. The best way to make it easier to handle butter is by grating it. Grated butter is perfect if you plan to make cake dough, while you can get a better texture for your sandwiches with this easy tip as well. Just rub the bar over a cheese grater and get started.

#2 – Heat the knife

Another challenge with winter cooking is that fruit, vegetables and meat are often hard to cut because they are so cold. You can solve the problem by simply heating the knife under boiling water and then cutting the food items. This is also a useful tip when cutting desserts such as mud cake and cheese cake. Heating the knife will help it slide easily, and you will get the cleanest cuts even with hard meats and frozen fruits and vegetables.

#3 – Freeze your favourites

Winter is perhaps the best time to stockpile the ingredients that are not available during the rest of the year, or which are much more expensive during summer. Check the Coles opening hours and grab the best and the freshest ingredients that you can store away before the season is over. The easiest way to keep fresh food for later is by freezing – simply pack them in zip bags or freezer bags and lay flat in the freezer compartment. This is also a great way to store sauces and stews – freezing them in bags or cubes means you always have them ready when you need them.

#4 – Make instant herb cubes

Another smart winter cooking hack is to make instant herb cubes with fresh herbs available during this season. These herb cubes add incredible flavor and aroma to anything and everything you cook all year round.

Simply infuse the fresh chopped herbs in olive oil and freeze the mix in ice cube trays. These flavoursome cubes are ideal for throwing into soups,  slow cooker meals, or even roasts. Having these ingredients makes it easier to prepare delicious, budget-friendly crockpot recipes.

#5 – Warm your dishes

While it may sound obvious, the final and perhaps the most important tip for the best tasting food during winter, is to serve it piping hot. Nothing warms the soul faster than tucking into a delicious hot meal after a long day. So take the time to serve your dishes at the optimal temperature, and reap the enjoyment!

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