How To Make The Most Out Of Staying In

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If you find yourself having “a night in” more than before, you’re not alone. Staying in is trending.

Millennials are the largest population group in living history, and never before has there been a demographic with such massive buying power. Though the buying potential is huge, it seems that many of us are simply spending less.

With the common mantra amongst millennials being “collect experiences not things” this group is blamed for disrupting killing everything from the diamond industry, to the laundry industry, and so much more.

We can all relate to swapping such things as a trip to the movies for Netflix, or an expensive meal at a restaurant for a masterchef-style meal at home, or learning a language online versus trawling around a shopping centre.

Why is this the case? The short answer is that we are living longer, and our money needs to go further. Millennials are less obsessed with accumulating masses of possessions like the generation before us (and getting into debt to do so.)

Consequently, having a good night at home is increasingly appealing! Staying in can be the perfect ticket to saving money while improving your wellbeing and mental health.

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The Benefits of Staying In:

#1 – Staying In Costs Less

Without paying for expensive food, drinks, transportation, or entrance fees, you will start saving a lot of money – and fast.

#2 – It’s Healthier

Although delicious, eating out regularly is very hard on the body. The food, while it may look innocent enough, is generally heavier in fats, salt and additives than anything you’d make at home. So by cutting back on eating out, you’ll not only save cash, you’ll save calories.

#3 – It Can Help You Relax

By giving yourself the time to relax and unwind properly, you can better manage your weekly stress and have more energy for the activities and people that are meaningful to you.

#4 – Staying In = More Quality Time with Loved Ones

The best part about a night in is that it doesn’t have to be a night alone. Invite your friends over to watch a series, host a dinner party, or just generally enjoy your friend’s company at your place. While ‘staying in’ becomes the norm as you get older, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.

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How to Enjoy the Ultimate Night in

By Yourself: Pick up hobbies that you enjoy

Developing hobbies you can enjoy alone will help you enjoy your downtime at home without any fear of missing out.

Ideally you will choose activities that stimulate the mind or your creative side, that feel fun and relaxing. What hobbies you pick up are as individual as you are.

Those into the arts might take up painting, whereas those who take their sports, politics or entertainment seriously might make things interesting by placing a bet on Unibet Australia

With Others: Invite friends over regularly

To make the most of staying in, it’s essential to take a proactive approach. Don’t wait for requests, make it a regular habit to invite friends over for different occasions, so it becomes the norm rather than the exception. This will help you make memories together and build stronger friendships.

There are so many benefits to staying in, and doing so will help your bank balance, your wellbeing, and, of course, your happiness.  

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