Life Hack: How To Enjoy A Hotel-like Sleep At Home

Do you sleep like a baby in a hotel, but you toss and turn all night in your own home? The answer may be simple…

Besides blockout blinds and luxury sheet sets, one of the most important ways to get an amazing night’s sleep is via the bed. It’s no wonder that hotels invest heavily into proprietary bed designs – the better a guest sleeps, the more they will come back. In your own home, it ought to be the same. The one thing that just HAS to be perfect is your bed.

When you consider that the average person spends 8 hours a day sleeping (which translates to about 229,961 hours in a lifetime – or approx 30% of your whole life), it’s critical that you choose a bed that’s right for you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bed, here’s what you should consider:


#1 – Comfort

This goes without saying, but the first consideration is the level of comfort. While you might manage to fall asleep on an uncomfortable bed, it’s likely your sleep will be restless and broken. Furthermore, you could develop aches and pains that weren’t present beforehand.

Consider things like how you sleep and whether you have a partner. If you have a partner, the bigger the bed the better – if space permits, get a bed that’s large enough for both of you to share comfortably (ie King size)

However even if you don’t have a partner, still try to buy the biggest bed! Sleeping in the middle of a larger bed not only feels very luxurious, you’ll be equipped when that special someone comes into your life!

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