Life-Hack: How To Choose The Perfect Car

how to choose the perfect car
Shopping for a car today offers us endless options to tickle our fancy. From small and zippy city cars to big and burly off-roaders, the choices are endless. If you’re on the lookout for a new whip, read on for the factors you need to consider.

In simple terms, the smartest approach to take when buying a new car is finding the one that best matches your specific needs. Truth be told, most people are not in the market for a car that merely looks good. You want a car that you can depend on.

Before purchasing a car or caravan, it’s therefore really important to pay close attention to your needs and put in a little thought and research, including exploring your options for car or caravan finance to make the right choice.

It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz, but the car needs to back up style with function. The best way to ensure you end up with a car that suits your lifestyle is to follow a set of factors that pinpoint the best choice for your situation.

Follow these tips to find the right car for your lifestyle.

How to choose the perfect car

#1 – Size Matters

The first thing to consider when looking for a new car is its size. Obviously, the car needs to fit the number of people who use it. Families, for instance, will need a bigger car than a single person or a couple, and vice versa.

So when shopping, the first question is to consider how many are likely to be depending on the car. If the answer is a family of five, then an SUV, or a 4WD might be the best bet. If you want to rive for Uber, then perhaps go for a roomy sedan. And if it is just you, save yourself the trouble and look at a stylish two-door.

If you happen to find the perfect car but it’s not in your state, consider using a company to transport the car to you such as American Auto Shipping. This will not only save the car’s kilometers, it’ll save you time and peace of mind.

#2 – Uses

Do you travel a lot? Are you transporting people? Do you have to move things? Are you off-roading? All of these are important considerations. For instance, if you drive long distances you will want to keep away from cars with bad fuel efficiency. If you’re a fan of driving off the beaten path, then make sure your car has four-wheel drive. Always moving people from A to B? Then go for a car with four doors. Basically, always make sure your new car suits the realistic functions you use it for.

#3 – Reliability

The last thing anyone wants is to buy a lemon. There is nothing worse than a situation where the mechanics bill eclipses the overall cost of the car itself! This is why reliability is such an important factor. Do plenty of research and narrow down your list of contenders according to how reliable the car is known to be.

Remember, that buying a car is an investment, so if a vehicle has a poor rating for dependability you may be tossing that investment away. Independent reviews, consumer blogs, and social media are great places to find a wealth of information on the different makes and models of cars. Never purchase a car without vetting it first!

#4 – Insurance

Buying a car is usually a costly affair (we will get to budget shortly). So it is no surprise that many shoppers put financial factors into their purchase decisions. A part of those financial factors is car insurance.

Believe it or not, the type of car you buy will influence its monthly premium. Sports cars, for instance, always rate higher for car insurance, and come with higher premiums than standard cars. So when you vet your prospective vehicle take a look at an insurance quote. These days, you can even save on your insurance by investing in a GPS dash cam with many insurance companies now offering incentives for drivers that have them installed.

#5 – Aesthetics + Inclusions

Aesthetics and inclusions play a pretty sizable role in the purchase of a vehicle. For example, colour, seat material, rear-facing cameras, plasma screen interfaces, or GPS are all topics for consideration. Likewise, if you’re looking for an Eco-friendly car for instance, then that factor alone will decide what kind of car you buy.

#6 – Safety First

If you’ll be driving around with precious cargo such as your children, then you’ll want to make sure they are properly protected. The safety features of an auto can tell you all you need to know. Additionally, safety features can also cut down on the monthly premium for insurance. So, finding a car with good safety features can save your wallet as well as your life.

#7 – Budget

Budget is the big one as far as car purchase factors go, and many car shoppers buy based on budget alone. When considering your budget, don’t look solely at what you can afford today, you also need to look at projected costs over coming years. Perhaps a novated car lease is another option? Will the car need repairs or upgrades? What about fuel efficiency? All of these are important financial aspects to consider.

You should budget for car accessories too. From sunshades to seat covers, they are designed to preserve the beauty of the car interior and prevent damage that could result in costly repairs. Should you need accessories for a Subaru Forester, you may as well shop for ones that fit like a glove. And you don’t need to look far because you can find quality Subaru Forester-compatible accessories here in Australia

Size, purpose, and every other factor shy in comparison to the most important question, “can I afford it.” So always make sure that your new car is something you can comfortably afford to keep and run into the future.

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