6 Beauty Mistakes That Add Years To Your Face

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Beauty mistakes and the wrong makeup techniques can add years to your face, throwing those anti-ageing skincare routines out the window!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like the perfect red lip or a totally on point cat eye, to lift our spirits and help us conquer the day. The plain simple truth is, nailing our make-up game makes us look AND feel good – even if we are running on less than 3 hours sleep.

But did you know that some of your make-up habits could be working against you? Rather than enhancing our beauty and rewinding the years, the wrong makeup habits can just as easily erase all the good work done by skincare rituals and enhancements.

Using the wrong application techniques or beauty products that don’t suit you, is the shortcut to an unflattering look that drags your features down (disaster!)

From sparse brows to going too heavy on the concealer, here are 6 ageing beauty mistakes – and how to fix them ASAP!

ageing beauty mistakes

Mistake #1 – Neglecting your eyebrows

There is a reason why brows are still having their moment in the spotlight. Well-defined eyebrows have the ability to completely transform your face, and unless you’re blessed in the brow department à la Cara Delevingne you should be filling them in.

Thin over-plucked brows with sharp edges have the tendency to make your face look harsher and more angular, while thick fuller brows give a more sophisticated yet youthful appearance.

An easy way to give your face a youthful life is to keep brows well groomed and defined. Not sure which product to use? We suggest the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($38.00). The thin waxy tip is perfect for creating natural thin strokes that mimic the look of brow hairs.

ageing beauty mistakes blush

Mistake # 2 – Not knowing how to use blush

Contrary to popular belief, blush should not be applied to the apples of your cheeks as this only works to make you look like a clown and draw undue attention. Instead, apply blush along your cheekbones and blend it in so you can’t see where the colour starts and stops.

Many also make the mistake of choosing a blush shade that is too dull or brown. Because blush is supposed to add a subtle flush of colour to the skin, dark shades will only make your complexion look muddy and drag your features down. Think soft rosy pinks and peach hues to freshen up your look.

ageing beauty mistakes

Mistake #3 – Using the wrong foundation

Two of the biggest foundation crimes you can commit are choosing the wrong shade and not blending it in correctly. When your foundation doesn’t match your face or neck it can leave you looking like you’re wearing a mask and look as if your make-up is just sitting on top of your skin adding years to your face.

Choose too light a shade and it can make your skin look flat and lifeless, too dark and your face looks dull and heavy.

To choose the right shade make sure you test it to see if it blends in flawlessly with the bottom of your jawline to your neck. Utilise tools such as a BeautyBlender sponge ($30.00) to help you achieve a flawless natural finish.

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ageing beauty mistakes concealer

Mistake # 4 – Caking on concealer

Concealer can be tricky business and you need to get it right or it can end up being a complete and utter mess! Applying concealer that is too light, too dark or slathering on too much of it can do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

If your concealer is the wrong shade it can actually highlight and accentuate an imperfection that you were trying to hide. Using too much concealer can set into fine lines, and instead draw attention them not hide them.

Choose a concealer that is a similar shade to your skin tone and a formulation that is creamy and hydrating. We like the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($43.00) as it gives flawless coverage with a luminous finish.

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ageing beauty mistakes liner

Mistake #5 – Lining your lower lash line

Harsh thick black eyeliner on your lower lash line will age you like nothing else! While it may be easier to apply eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes it only drags your face down, makes your eyes appear smaller and makes your over all appearance seem older. Instead, use a dark brown eyeliner on your top lids to open up your eyes and brighten your complexion.

ageing beauty mistakes lipstick

Mistake #6 – Unflattering Lipstick

As we age it is inevitable that we loose definition in our lips. To avoid our kissers looking small, choose shades that will make them look plump and youthful. The best shades to pick? Mauves and pinks. Add a bit of gloss to further enhance the appearance of full lips instead of opting for drying matte formulations that only enhance dry lips.

This dentist who does dentures and veneers in Charlotte NC also recommends taking great care of your teeth. No matter how beautiful your lips are, if your teeth are in a bad condition, your smile will still lack the beauty you deserve.


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